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Welcome to Technohobbies

WQ RC 6WD Off-Road Remote Control Army Military Truck,  2.4Ghz  1:16 Scale,  Army Transport Truck


WQ 6WD 1/16 Scale  Off Road Army Military Truck


RC military truck has a huge truck bed. Excellent for carrying sand/gravel/soil and running. The RC military trucks with 500g load capacity, has a strong ability to climb on the lawn, on the beach and on the rocks and other complex terrains. The speed of 15km/h is suitable for children. Even 3 age+ kids can drive the truck easily.

The 1/16 high simulation of real military truck structure, real rubber vacuum tyres. Simulating the original truck dual-lamp design, the front LED lamps provide you sufficient lights to operate the truck at night or in dark places.

Strong 6-wheel drive (6WD) power increases the ability of remote control vehicles to travel in harsh road conditions without affecting its performance. The all terrain truck are equipped with metal shock absorbers and anti-skid tyres, which makes the car more stable and easier to operate. Super strong anti-collision structure and make it possible to drive on any road condition without getting stuck on larger obstacles along the way.

The remote control uses the 2.4GHz signal transmission system which provides forward, backward, left, right 50m/164ft remote control distance, supporting interference-free driving, multiple cars can be played with at the same time, you can race with your kids for more fun!

The USB charger for the battery is convenient to charge and has several functions such as overcharge protection and short circuit protection.