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Welcome to Technohobbies
Welcome to Technohobbies

Warranty, Refund and Returns Policy

Techno Hobbies and Refund and Returns Policy

We understand that there may come a time where you need to return a purchase from us and we want to make the returns process as simple and easy as possible for you If you’re looking to return or exchange your order for whatever reason, we're here to help! We offer free returns or exchanges for unused and unopened items within 30 days of receiving your order. You can return your product for store credit, a different product, or a refund to the original payment method. However, the postage costs will be at the returner’s expense. 


If you are having trouble with any of the your purchases, and suspect it could be a warranty issue, then please email or phone us to go through your item's history of use and background. Techno Hobbies take seriously when it comes to faults and reasonable, we will try and resolve any concerns you have as quickly as possible.

Each product is covered by the respective manufacturers warranty policy and some products may have individual components that are covered by separate warranties and time frames. Please note we do not offer any additional product warranties outside the manufacturer’s warranty.

Please communicate any warranty concerns with us before sending the items back to avoid any confusion and unnecessary costs. We will generally require you to send photos of the product with your purchase details for an initial assessment and we will go from there.

As indicated above, postage costs will be at the returner’s expense and refunded if the product is proven to be covered by warranty.  If the product is required to be sent back to our suppliers for assessment, we will cover this cost.

We will always try to resolve any warranty concerns as quickly as possible, where any delay is incurred, we will communicate this to you. 

Warranty and Care

Some products are suitable for ages under the Recommended Age under Adult supervision only (Subject to Care and Warranty Policy).


Please note that 'Hobby' grade high-performance remote-control Cars, Planes, Helicopters, Drones and Boats are not toys and must be used with care and safety in mind. 

Damages incurred by crashes, impacts and misuse are not covered by any form of warranty.  In most cases replaceable spare parts can be purchased and the product can be re-used, except for products classified as 'Toys' such as some products we sell.  i.e.: NQD, Syma, Swann etc.

All warranty claims are assessed on a case by case basis as per our Warranty Terms and Conditions.

Warranty Terms and Conditions:

By purchasing a RC product, you have agreed to 1-Month Warranty on Rechargeable Batteries and 3-Months Limited Warranty terms as highlighted below:

This Remote-Control Car is covered by a 3-Month Limited Warranty for the following:
- 1 month warranty on Rechargeable Batteries
- 1 month for failure or mechanical and non-electronic parts (please see Wear and Tear section below)
- 3 months for major electronic components (Esc, Remote controller and Receiver). The product must not be used if any electronics malfunctions are observed and/or any damages caused as a result of the product been used during malfunction, then Techno Hobbies shall not be held liable and warranty is deemed void. 

Warranty excludes:
- Damages incurred to the product caused by misuse or abuse such as high speed impacts and crashes or using with a defective component
- Tampering or modifying of the product in any manner
- Use of unapproved aftermarket parts or accessories on the product
- Poor battery maintenance (See Battery maintenance section below)


Our Remote-Control Hobby Grade products contain internal and external parts that are replaceable for continued use as long as the product has not been discontinued by the manufacturer.  Therefore, over a period of use, parts will “Wear & Tear”, which is common to all moving products and will require replacement, unless they belong to 'Toy' category.

Note: The durability of parts can vary depending on the environment the product is being used.  The supplied user manual includes’ a Parts List for all internal and external Wear & Tear items, items surrounding the wheel assembly, as well as gears, that are available for purchase from our shop.

General 'Wear and Tear' parts are excluded from any Warranty after the product has been used whether inside or outside.

Some of the “Wear and Tear” parts include;

- All Gears, their respective Cogs, Bearings and Motors
- Wheels, Tyres, Wheel assembly and Drive shafts
- Chassis and all plastic components
- Steering, Suspension and Brake systems including Servos

PLEASE NOTE:- Not most R/C products are fitted with a Power Switch. If not fitted with one, then you must disconnect the battery from the product.  We also recommend for products fitted with an On/Off switch to disconnect the battery from the car when not in use for safety and longevity of battery life.

Proper Battery Maintenance include:
- Charge the battery fully before first use, before or after any use, storage or use after storage

(Never run RC products supplied with LiPo or Li-Ion batteries until the battery power becomes very low or fully discharged.  This will cause permanent damage to the battery).
- Allow for battery to cool down prior to charging again.  This will help prolong battery life
- Disconnect the battery from product when not in use. Leaving the battery connected to the product over time (when not in use) can cause damage to the battery due to gradual discharging

Please contact Techno Hobbies via email should you require a part not listed on our website. 


Faulty Goods Returns

If you believe you have purchased a faulty product, you must provide proof of purchase to receive a refund or replacement product. Proof of purchase may be your original register receipt, credit card statement or any other form of evidence.

Techno Hobbies may have the faulty product assessed by a third-party repair to determine the nature and cause of the fault. Techno Hobbies reserves the right to decline an exchange, refund or repair where any product fault is caused by misuse or neglect.

Note: A warranty refers to any new product which has a manufacturing  defect or a major failure within a reasonable period.

If the warranty relates to a minor failure then we may replace, repair or refund the item.  On assessment if the product is deemed as having a major failure, the customer can decide whether they would like a replacement, repair or refund.

A warranty does not apply to any wear and tear on a product, crash damage or a product being used outside its intended use. 

Please note the following exceptions to our return and exchange policy:

 How to Return your Techno Hobbies purchase

All Techno Hobbies purchases can be returned to the following address.

Techno Hobbies C/o Speedway Automotives: 1/95 Cheltenham Road, Dandenong, Victoria 3175 (Mr Muffler Building).

Refunds can only be paid in the same tender as the original purchase or refunded to the account used to pay for the item in the case of a 30-day business account holder.

Where a credit card attached to an original purchase cannot be produced, the refund will be processed to a Techno Hobbies Gift Card. 

Method of Refund

Refunds will be processed once goods are returned to Techno Hobbies Dandenong (in original condition) using the same payment method and account as the original order.

A refund cannot be transferred to another Credit Card, PayPal account or Bank Account.

Please allow 2 working days for the refund to be processed by Techno Hobbies.

Please allow up to 7 working days for the funds to clear to your account once the refund has been processed. 

Afterpay (When available)

Where the original purchase was made using Afterpay, you may return the purchase in-store or by getting in touch with us via our Contact Us page.

Refunds will be processed to Afterpay only, and not to credit card, cash or gift card.

Once your order has been returned to an Officeworks store or picked up by a returns driver and receipted at our Customer Fulfilment Centre, we will send notification to Afterpay of your return.

For more information, please contact Afterpay on 1300 100 729 or visit the Afterpay website  

PayPal (When available)

Where the original purchase was made via PayPal, you may return the purchase by getting in touch with us via eBay Messaging or via our Contact Us page.

Refunds will be processed to PayPal only, and not to credit card, cash or gift card.

Once your order has been returned to Techno Hobbies or picked up by a returns driver and receipted at our Customer Fulfilment Centre, we will send notification to PayPal of your return.

For more information, please contact PayPal on 1800 073 263 or visit the PayPal website  

Zip Pay and Zip Money (When available)

Where the original purchase was made via Zip Pay or Zip Money, you may return the purchase in-store or by getting in touch via our Contact Us page.

Once your order has been returned to Techno Hobbies or picked up by a returns driver and receipted at our Customer Fulfilment Centre, we will send notification to Zip of your return.

Refund payments for purchases made using Zip Pay or Zip Money can only be paid back into your Zip Pay or Zip Money account.

If you opened a new Zip Money account for your Techno Hobbies purchase and paid Zip an account establishment fee, the account establishment fee will not be part of your Techno Hobbies refund.

For more information, please contact Zip here:

Thank you for purchasing from Techno Hobbies, Australia.  We highly appreciate your valued custom.

Techno Hobbies Team look forwards to be at your service again!