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Welcome to Technohobbies
Welcome to Technohobbies

About Us

How it all started...

Our online stores are and" or and CopterDoctor were named and founded by RC enthusiasts who developed a passion initially for remote controlled helicopters, planes and cars. Here is our founder’s account of how it all started … “Initially, I was confused where to start, which model to buy, how much to spend and therefore, I prolonged the decision of pursuing with my passion. One day, I purchased a remote controlled helicopter for $20. I did not have any knowledge of the technology and limitations of the product. The helicopter I bought was a three channel, non gyro, little Black Hawk, which was extremely hard to fly as it used to rotate on its own axis soon after taking-off.  Furthermore, the only way you could charge the helicopter was through the remote control unit which was an expensive exercise, going through 6 x AA batteries every 7-10 flights. Thereafter, I came across somewhat advanced helicopters equipped with Gyroscopic balancing systems (which can hover in one location, without undue tail rotation) and a USB cable to charge the helicopter from a computer. From there onwards and after gaining some experience, I decided to purchase a medium size helicopter for $90 from a leading Shopping Centre. The salesman assured me that it was a good indoor and outdoor helicopter. However, never explained to me the capabilities and the limitations of the helicopter. One day due to over confidence of indoor flying, I decided to take my new medium size helicopter to a park and fly outdoors.  Within few minutes into flight, the helicopter ascended to a height of 30m to 40m and drifted away from where I was and lost it, while trying hard to bring it back unsuccessfully due to lack of technology and power.  I went back to the shop and told the salesman of my experience and they were unsympathetic.  Ever since then, I started doing my own research to ensure that this would never happen to me or any other person. During my research I purchased various small and medium size helicopters from hobby shops which were expensive and sometimes online via leading websites including at some popular markets stalls in Victoria. To be honest most of them did not fly well or last long, as they were found to be fakes. 

Consequently, Coptor Doctor online shop was started to trade in genuine brand helicopters... It never stopped there as we opened our shop in Victoria called Techno Hobbies expanded expanding to other RC products such as cars, planes, drones and boats".  After serving RC enthusiast for many years, unfortunately due to Covid-19 pandemic we closed the shop front and started our new online shop     - Techno Hobbies website

Our MIssion - is to guide our customers to purchase the right product depending on the need...

Our Vision - is to provide genuine products to all RC enthusiasts... 

Our Objective - is to educate our customers to prevent potentially purchasing fake products...

Our establishment; or / is your ONE STOP CLINIC for Remote Control (‘RC’) products. Our online store offers a wide range of RC products. 

We specializes in beginners to intermediate level helicopters, electric cars, boats and planes at competitive prices.

We are a direct importer and retailer of XK, WL Toys, Syma, Swann and Xtreem RC products and Rastar and MJX Licensed Cars. Our products are guaranteed to be genuine and authentic. Our online shop offers you exciting toy and hobby grade products for unlimited flying, driving and cruising experiences. Our competitive edge is the knowledge and after sales service provided to our customers backed by the leading manufacturers.

We are an Australian owned joint venture. Our strategic partnership assures our online customers a secure environment for all their purchases done through our website.

We dispatch orders Australia-wide and we provide a store pick up services too. Our warehouse allows us to hold stock while our website tracks stock in real-time so we can dispatch orders quickly and efficiently at all times.

CoperDoctor surgery goals are to;

  • Provide our customers with a great selection of products,
  • Offer the best quality product at the lowest possible price,
  • Provide a friendly, fast, and reliable service at all times,
  • And make our store as easy as possible to use and navigate.

CopterDoctor prescriptions;

  • We pick and carefully pack all products ourselves,
  • We include, with the packaging all necessary labeling, and
  • We dispatch purchases within 5 - 10 business days.