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Volantex Phoenix 2400

Original price $345.00
Current price $339.00

Very popular glider tough and hard to find. The Phoenix 2400 is the largest glider of the Phoenix range. It comes with a near-indestructible ABS plastic fuselage and strong EPO foam wings and tail section. The Phoenix is made to last a lifetime with its smooth, rigid, fuselage yet remains light enough for the glider to perform with ease. There is a camera tray included that can be mounted instead of the canopy and once you install your camera, you’ll be able to either enjoy FPV flying or just take footage of your flights. 

Assembling the glider is quite easy as the tail is screwed into place. To help with traveling as well as building the wing halves clip into place and have a wing spar for added strength. The main wing is 2400 millimeters long and includes ailerons and flaps for better plane control. The fuselage has a built-in, single wheel for easier landings on rougher landing strips.

The speed controller, brushless outrunner motor, and 9g servos are all pre-installed. It should only take about 20 minutes to complete the rest of the build including adding your own receiver and battery.


• ABS plastic fuselage
• EPO foam wings with flaps
• Camera mounting platform
• Click and plug wing assembly
• Quick build time
• Preinstalled motor, ESC, and servos


Wingspan: 2400mm
Length: 1283mm
Flying weight: 1160g
Motor: 4023-1050kV brushless outrunner
ESC: 40A brushless
Propeller: 10x6 Folding
Servos: 9g x 6
CoG: 77+/-5mm from the leading edge


2.4GHz 6Ch Radio TX/RX system
2200mAh~5000mAh 3S LiPo Battery