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Rip through water at speeds up to 50+Kmph!

UDI ARROW Electric Brushless RC Speed Boat

This UDI U005 is a large remote control racing boat is an absolute beast. RC Boat is capable of speeds up to 50km/h with its powerful water cooled brushless motor. Radio Control Boat is equipped with a 2.4GHz remote controler, it has superior range up to 150 meteres over standard FM versions. It has an ingenious design that allows for the boat to revert back to upright position by applying the throttle during accidental flips. Supplied with a rechargeable lithium battery providing up to 8 minutes of play time. Measures 63 x 17 x 11cm. Remote controller requires 4 x AA batteries.


  • full-scale forward/backward

  • left/right rudder

  • special anti-tilt function

  • low battery alarm

  • speed up to 50+kph

  • motor water cooling system 

  • built-in navigation rudder

  • turning radius 2.5m


  • Brand name : UDI

  • Item Name: U005 RC Racing Boat

  • Color: White

  • Battery of remote control: 4 * 1.5AA

  • Battery of the boat : 11.1V  2200mAh 

  • Playing time: 8 mins

  • Charge time: 150 mins

  • Control distance: 150m

  • Speed: 50+km/h

  • Product size: 63 x 17 x 11cm
    Carton size: 71 x 36 x 41cm
    Total weight (without packing): 1.22kg

Udirc Udi005 Rc Boat 50km/h High Speed Waterproof 2.4ghz Radio Control Boat  Brushless Rc Speedboat Pvc Boat Toys Gift For Kids - Rc Boats - AliExpress


Package includes:

1 x 2.4G transmitter
1 x Tail propeller
1 x 11.1v Lithium battery for boat HXT 3.5mm plug
1 x Wall charger voltage: 5V Rated power: 2.1W
1 x Balance charger
1 x Screwdriver
2 x Brackets


Remote Control Boat Care and Maintenance:
- Ensure that the RC Hull covers are properly installed.
- RC Boat hull is primarily designed for forward movement. Reverse function is seldomly used and typically only used to get out of embankments. Prolonged use will cause for the Boat to submerge like a submarine due to hull design and take on water.
- RC Boat has a natural bouyancy. Should the Rc Boat experience reduced bouyancy, please inspect inside the RC Boat hull.
- Afer use, ensure to remove excess water from the RC Boats hull and Pat dry with a dry cloth. Leave the cover off to air dry.
- Once dry, use water displacement spray to lubricate to prevent oxidisation or corrosion.
- RC Boats are not recommended for use in salt water.

Ensure that RC Boat Hull Hatch is properly secured when in use. Failure to do so will allow water to enter hull which may damage the RC's electronics.

Improper usage of the RC Boat will void factory warranty.

Note: The price shown in the video is not in Australian dollars