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Traxxas Power Cell 14.8v 5000Mah 25C iD LiPo Battery - 2889X

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Traxxas Power Cell 14.8v 5000Mah 25C iD LiPo Battery


Traxxas Power Cell 5000mAh 14.8v 4-Cell 25C LiPo iD Battery
This battery pack is perfect for the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer!

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Power Cell LiPo packs are engineered to give the punch and on-demand power to reach the top speeds. Traxxas models are built to achieve. Premium LiPo cells are developed specifically for Traxxas, featuring oversized discharge tabs for maximum efficiency. The cells have 12-gauge Maxx® cable soldered straight onto them, eliminating the resistance and loss of power associated with plug-in wires.
With Traxxas' new iD battery connector, charging your LiPo battery has never been easier. The balance wires are built into the connector, and when connected to an iD compatible Traxxas charger, will automatically detect and start charging at the optimal settings.

Please Note: Only compatible with a Traxxas iD capable charger.

Total Voltage: 14.8
mAh: 5000
Discharge C Rating: 25
Battery Type: LiPo
Connector Type: Traxxas iD
Battery Length (mm): 155
Battery Width (mm): 45
Battery Height (mm): 34
Battery Weight (g): 47
Main Connector Wire Gauge (AWG): 12
Cell Voltage: 3.7
Lithium Case: Soft Case
"Stick" Size: No
Balance Lead Connector: Traxxas iD
R.O.A.R Approved: No


Compatible Charger

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