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Top RC T1800 1800mm T-Tail EPO RC Glider PNP


Top RC T1800 1800mm T-Tail EPO RC Glider PNP - TOP091B

Top RC T1800 1800mm T-Tail EPO RC Glider PNP - Hobbytech Toys

Top RC T1800 Glider, great for beginner RC Aircraft with T-Ttil and dihedral wing designs.

Simple and Generous - Perfect colour matching looks amazing flying in the sky.

Simple and easy Design - Detachable design, easy to carry when you go out flying and quick and simple set-up and pack down.

Wings and fueselage reinforced with 9mm aluminium tubes to provides strong wind resistance, improving flight strength for your flights with T-tail and upper wing dihedral design ensures great gliding performance and stability, suitable for beginners and intermediate flyers.

Pre-installed folding propellers to better protect the propellers while landing and assists in minimizing drag to increase flight time. with seperate main wheel design that helps better protect the aircraft during landing and avoid damage to the bottom of your aircraft.

The T1800 also features a large battery compartment designed to accomodate 1300-2600mAh batteries within the cockpit windshield and can even be converted for FPV (First Person View) flight. With a flight time of 20 minutes with recommended 3-4S 2200mAh LiPo Battery you will be out flying in no time.

Top RC T1800 1800mm T-Tail EPO RC Glider PNP - Hobbytech Toys


  • Easy to assemble in several minutes and the wings are removable, very easy to carry and maintain.
  • Both the wings and fuselage are reinforced with 9.0MM aluminum tubes to improve the flight strength of the entire flight.
  • This aircraft adopts the traditional T-shaped tail and upper wing design to ensure the glide performance and stability of the entire aircraft. It is suitable for beginners and intermediate consumers.
  • Adopting a 10-inch folding propeller design, makes it look very beautiful and enables it flight more efficiently and it can also protect the propeller from landing damage.
  • Large battery compartment design enables those 1300-2600MAH batteries to be used in this aircraft and at the same time it can reserve more space for consumers to modify FPV flight.


  • Item Name: T1800
  • Material: EPO
  • Wingspan: 1800mm
  • Length: 1080mm
  • Take-off Weight: 900g

What's In The Box

  • Fuselage
  • Main Wing
  • Horizontal Wing
  • C2415-1150KV Motor
  • 40A Brushless ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)
  • 1x 9g Metal gear Servo
  • 3x 9g Plastic gear Servo
  • 10*6 Folding Propeller