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TOMIX N Guage Basic Set SD Twilight Express 90172 Railway model 


The charm of railroad models is also available in a variety of ways such as collecting, running, building a city. There are a wide variety of products including rails, accessories, and buildings, and Tomics have everything in the same brand

Comes with a color start-up guide that allows even beginners to start modeling railroad in no time. Of course, detailed instructions and vehicle instructions are included

This all-in-one set has a long history and is an easy way to start models of the "King of Hobby" railroad models with enthusiasts around the world


  • A set that includes the sleeper express "Twilight Express"
  • The main specifications of the vehicle are based on "92459" JR EF81/24 series Twilight Express basic set
  • 3-car set of EF81, Ohanefu 25-500, Kani 24
  • Combining this set with extension sets A and B will reproduce a full 11-car formation.
  • Logo mark and JR mark are printed.
  • Car numbers are printed on Ohanefu and Kani 24.
  • Equipped with power with flywheel (EF81)
  • New current collector System, adopts black wheels (passenger car)
  • Style: Contemporary

Control equipment

  • PU-N600 (green specification)


  • Adopts rails that reproduce PC sleepers with easy-to-handle fine tracks
  • Easy and reliable Connection
  • Rail arrangement is the most basic rail pattern A (oval type)
  • Relay rail included

This Train and Track Set contains:


  • EF81 (Twilight)
  • Ohanefu 25-501
  • Kani 24-13

Control equipment

  • Power unit PU-N600
  • DC feeder


  • Straight rail S140-PC(F)
  • Straight rail S280-PC(F )
  • Relayer rail S140-RE-PC(F)
  • Curved rail C280-45-PC(F)


Layout supplies

  • Relayer


  • Startup guide
  • Instruction manual
  • Runner parts: Printed head mark
  • Runner parts : License plate, maker's plate
  • Runner parts: Whistle, signal flame tube
  • Runner parts: Slope spacer parts
  • AC adapter

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