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Team Corally - KAGAMA 1/8 XP 6S - RTR - Brushless 6S Extreme Basher - The Kraton Killer

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All New Team Corally - KAGAMA XP 6S - RTR - Brushless Power 6S 

KAGAMA – Inspired by Bashers and Built for Bashers! The Ultimate in 6S Bashing!


Team Corally KAGAMA XP 6S RTR - Blue - Brushless Power 6S No Battery - No  Charger | | Drones Μοντελισμός & Gadgets


 Team Corally - KAGAMA XP 6S - RTR - Blue - Brushless Power 6S - No Battery  - No Charger

Introducing the Kagama: the Ultimate 1/8 scale Monster Truck designed to conquer every challenge and leave you awestruck by its performance.  If you are thinking of buying a Kraton, have a look at this Extreme Basher!

TEAM CORALLY KAGAMA - Xtremely Tough Monster Truck

The KAGAMA from Team Corally is packed with features normally found only in the most expensive competition models but never before in a factory built RTR or Rolling Chassis. Team Corally truly exceeds expectations by providing only the very best in quality and service to its customers and we hope that you enjoy owning and driving this model as much as Team Corally have enjoyed bringing it to you. Isn’t it time you experienced RC bashing at a level never before thought possible? Now you can with the new Kagama from Team Corally!


With a 6S-capable ESC and 2050KV brushless motor, this powerhouse redefines off-road excitement. Featuring a redesigned chassis, ultra-durable hybrid braces, and the durable and innovative suspension arms and braces from the Asuga, the Kagama is a testament to Team Corraly's commitment to pushing boundaries.

Team Corally - KAGAMA XP 6S - RTR - Blue - Brushless Power 6S - No Battery  - No Charger

The Kagama takes durability to the next level, ensuring it can handle even the most demanding bashing sessions with its streamline design.  Team Corally listened to their customers' needs and created a design that exceeds expectations, making the Kagama the answer to every serious Basher's dreams.

Team Corally Kagama XP 6S Monster Truck, Roller Chassis Version, Green -  Small Addictions RC

Unleash Boundless Power with the Kagama:
Prepare to experience the pinnacle of RC performance with the Kagama, the crown jewel of Team Corally’s truck lineup. The ultra durable design isn’t just impressive - it's a game-changer. This monster truck is purpose-built to dominate the most rugged terrain with supreme confidence. No challenge is too great as the Kagama lets you explore uncharted territories, tackle extreme obstacles, and soar to crazy heights with ease. Whether you're conquering hills, rough trails, or launching into the sky, the Kagama displays limitless capability and pure excitement.

Team Corally Kagama XP 6S Brushless 4WD RTR Red - C-00274-R

Masterful Suspension Precision:
Three important components of the Kagama design reign supreme: precision-engineered suspension arms, innovative chassis braces, and durable, precision shock absorbers. The suspension arms have been completely rethought, prioritizing durability and precision without adding extra weight. This is complemented by anodized aluminium hinge pin and pivot ball retainers that provide unmatched strength, bolstering crucial suspension elements against the demands of extreme bashing. The Kagama sets itself apart with a novel 4x4 fastener system for chassis braces, enhancing both durability and performance by isolating bulkheads from shocks and impacts. Furthermore, the vehicle features robust 16mm big bore shocks with threaded aluminium bodies and hard springs, guaranteeing the reliability and handling required for large-scale bashing. Using heavy-duty 4mm tuned pistons, these shocks can handle the thicker fluids needed to adequately dampen punishing terrain or obstacles, while oversized lower shock ends improve overall durability. Witness the seamless integration of these elements in action, delivering controlled precision even in the most demanding conditions. 

Kagama Showroom - Team Corally

Dominate with Kagama's High-Performance Drivetrain
Experience unparalleled control and power, courtesy of the Kagama's precision drivetrain. Meticulously engineered to elevate your experience, this cutting-edge system seamlessly channels the force of the 2050KV Kuron motor to the wheels, propelling you to breath taking heights of performance.

At the core of this drivetrain are CNC bevel gears, a vibrant red anodized aluminium central diff case, and robust spring steel outdrives – a symphony meticulously orchestrated for unyielding power and longevity. And in the world of monster trucks with oversized tires and wheels, the features of this robust drivetrain are magnified even more!

Whether you're pushing the boundaries on the track or conquering the most demanding terrain, the Kagama drivetrain ensures uninterrupted power delivery. Its heavyweight components guarantee both durability and reliability, eliminating any performance limitations that may stand in your way. Embrace a new era of bashing supremacy, where the Kagama's precision drivetrain propels your RC adventure to unprecedented heights.

Elevate Your Experience with the Corally Trusted Electronics
Embark on an electrifying journey with the Kagama's trusted electronics. Ignite your thrill for speed with the 2050KV Kuron 825 motor and indulge in the seamless action empowered by the 6S-capable Torox185 ESC. Command sharp turns and precise control with the Varioprop CRHV-7225 steering servo, precision-tailored for your needs. Coupled with the CR2T 2.4GHz Transmitter, the Kagama range can exceed 300+ meters, delivering the lightning-quick response needed when top speeds exceed 110 km/h. Brace yourself for a bashing revolution!

Revolutionize Your Ride with Kagama's Dynamic and Lightweight Wheels
Prepare for a tire transformation that sets the Kagama apart. Shared by Corally favorites like the Kronos and Dementor, the Kagama takes on the terrain with high-grip rubber racing tires, meticulously paired with inner tire support foam. 

The tire compound is a result of thoughtful design, balancing grip, wear resistance, and handling characteristics. But that's not all. The Kagama showcases its unique identity by embracing the exquisite multi-spoke wheel design that enthusiasts have come to adore from the Punisher and Jambo models.

And there's more – these wheels are not only dynamic, but also lightweight, adding an extra edge to your performance. Every twist, turn, and jump becomes a masterpiece with the Kagama's dynamic and lightweight wheels, engineered for both aesthetics and unparalleled performance.

Team Corally - KAGAMA XP 6S - RTR - Blue - Brushless Power 6S - No Battery  - No Charger

Unleash the Extraordinary: Kagama's Ultimate Performance
In the world of RC dominance, the Kagama emerges as a true legend, seamlessly combining innovation, power, and design finesse. From its robust suspension system, precision drivetrain, trusted electronics, to its dynamic lightweight wheels, every element of the Kagama is carefully considered and orchestrated to deliver the ultimate performance machine.

Built by bashers for bashers, Corally's dedication to customer input shines through in the Kagama's design. This monster truck isn't just a machine; it's a statement of raw power, versatility, and resilience. Whether you're a seasoned basher or a newcomer to the world of RC, the Kagama invites you to explore terrains, conquer challenges, and exceed your wildest expectations.

Team Corally KAGAMA XP 6S RTR - Blue - Brushless Power 6S No Battery - No  Charger | | Drones Μοντελισμός & Gadgets


Experience the thrill in two incredible versions: 
the ready-to-run (RTR) model for instant excitement, or the Rolling chassis version for those who want to customize their adventure (Special orders only).

The choice is yours, but the experience is always exceptional. Elevate your bashing game with the Kagama – the pinnacle of RC excellence, where every aspect has been designed to redefine your limits and unleash a world of unmatched fun


  • Pre-built 1:8 Monster Truck available as RTR or Rolling Chassis
  • Team Corally TOROX 185 ESC 2-6S with LiPo protection
  • Team Corally Kuron 825 2050kV 4-Pole Brushless Motor 3-6S
  • CRHV-7225 HV Metal Gear, 25Kg Torque, Steering Servo
  • Team Corally CT2R Ergonomic, Interference-free 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • 70% Parts compatibility
  • 3mm 7075 aluminum double-deck steering Ackermann system
  • Aluminium servo arm
  • Separate splash-proof and dustproof electronic box with transponder mount
  • XL Adjustable battery holder for all common LiPo batteries
  • Full set of ball bearings, rubber sealed
  • All transmission ball bearings are 8x16x5mm
  • Hardened steel spur gear and motor pinion
  • Three sealed metal differentials individually filled with silicone oil
  • Aluminum/Steel central differential
  • Quick + Easy diff access
  • 2-piece aluminium motor holder with composite gear cover
  • 52T Steel Central gear
  • Complete Hard Coated S2 steel outdrives
  • Extra Surface Hardened Steel front CVD joints
  • Aluminium 17 mm drive hexes
  • Oil-filled threaded 16 mm aluminium Big Bore shocks
  • Shock spring perches locking system
  • Nylon composite shock cap protectors
  • CNC aluminium shock towers, 5mm Front and Rear
  • Independent Pivot Ball front suspension
  • Independent double wishbone rear suspension
  • Optimized, custom developed composite parts
  • Aluminium Pin and Pivot Ball Collars on Suspension Arms
  • Rear suspension arms include large mud guards to protect driveshafts from dirt and debris
  • HD front steering blocks and rear hubs
  • Extra Thick 8mm Aluminium Suspension Pin Braces
  • Ultimate bulkhead mounting system (8 x M4 screws)
  • Heavy-Duty one-piece composite suspension links and tie rods
  • Team Corally RSP anti-roll bar system, front + rear
  • Massive, 3mm thick aluminium main chassis plate with machined pockets
  • Reinforced chassis side guards with integrated body protection
  • Heavy Duty front and rear chassis braces
  • New Hyper-rigid Central Tube Chassis Brace System with 12mm Aluminium tubes
  • Reinforced High Downforce Wing + Wing Holder with tower connecting brace
  • Front and rear bumper with integrated skid plates
  • Pre-glued “Gripper” Tires on BBS Style Rims
  • Durable, elaborately printed polycarbonate body include additional molded roof skids
  • Unique 2-tone scheme feature both gloss and matte finish elements available in 3 different color schemes
  • Wide assortment of tuning parts available for individual customization


  • Brand - Team Corally
  • Item No - C-00274
  • Car Type - Monster Truck
  • Age Requirement - Age 14+
  • Skill Level - Intermediate to Expert
  • Completion Level - RTR - Ready To Run
  • Assembly Time - No Assembly Required
  • Drive Train - 4WD - Shaft Driven
  • Power System - 6S (22.2V)
  • Motor Type - Brushless
  • Recommended Environment - All Terrain
  • Top Speed - 110 km/h

Car - Dimensions

  • Model Scale - 1/8 Scale
  • Length (mm) 585
  • Height (mm) 235
  • Wheelbase (mm) 388
  • Track Front (mm) 465
  • Track Rear (mm) 465
  • Ground Clearance (mm) 90
  • Weight (g) - No Battery 5400
  • Battery Compartment L 161 x W 51 x H (mm)
  • Shock Dia. ø (mm) 19
  • Front Shock Length (mm) 117
  • Rear Shock Length (mm) 129
  • Rim Dia. ø (mm) 98
  • Rim Width (mm) 72
  • Tyre Dia. ø (mm) 170
  • Tyre Width (mm) 79

Car - Electronics

  • Motor - Kuron 825 - 2050KV - 4-6S (Included)
  • Power Battery - Not Included (See Accessories)
  • Radio - TC - CT-2R 2.4Ghz (Included)
  • Servo - CR-7225 - 25Kg Torque (Included)
  • Speed Control - TC - Torox 185 ESC 2-6S (Included)
  • Charger - Not Included (See accessories)

Car - Technical Details & Materials

  • Wheel Adapter - 17 mm Hex Adapter
  • Bearings - Full Ball Bearings - Rubber Shielded
  • Differentials - 3x Gear Differentials
  • Front Suspension Type - Independent - Pillow Ball Type
  • Rear Suspension Type - Independent - Wishbones
  • Gear Pitch - MOD 1.0
  • Spur Gear (T) - 52
  • Motor Pinion (T) - 13
  • Internal Drive Ratio - 3:31
  • Overall Drive Ratio - 13:23
  • Shock Type - Oil Filled "Big Bore" Aluminium Shocks - Coil Over Springs
  • Bevel Gear - Pinion - Precision CNC Machined - Hardened Steel
  • Chassis - 3mm - Aluminium 6061-T6 - Color Anodised
  • Chassis Braces - Molded Composite + Aluminium Tubes
  • Differential Center - Hybrid Case - 6065-T6 Aluminium + Steel
  • Differential FR - RE - Molded Composite Case
  • Outdrives - Racing S2 Springsteel - Hardened
  • Lower Arm Holders - 8mm 6061-T6 Aluminium + Composite Inserts
  • Shock Tower - Front 5mm - Aluminium 6061-T6 - Color Anodised
  • Shock Tower - Rear 5mm - Aluminium 6061-T6 - Color Anodised
  • Motor pinion - Precision CNC Machined - Hardened Steel
  • Spur Gear - Precision CNC Machined - Hardened Steel
  • Bodyshell - Polycarbonate - Painted, Decalled and Trimmed

Requires to run

  • 1 x 6S 22.2v Battery or 2 x 3s 11.1v Batteries
  • Compatible LiPo Balance charger

Three Colours to choose from