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Welcome to Technohobbies

Swann Airforce RC Large Chinook Helicopter

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Swann Air Force RC Large Chinook Helicopter


The  Swann Air Force is the Army helicopter that everyone will enjoy- not just the boys! This Military Chinook helicopter is easy to fly and more suited  for Intermediate flyers or even for beginners who are learning to do gentle mid-air maneuvers with a non-gyro helicopter.  The Air Force Chinook helicopter means ideal learning with its light weight yet large and durable body.  3 Channel, 30m range Radio Control & flies over 50m high, 8-10 mins flying time, manual trim control, front & rear motor power can be individually adjusted to vary the speed to counter light wind conditions.


This is a 3 Channel helicopter with a 30m Radio Control range & flies over 50m high with  10-12 mins flying time.  It is a non-gyro helicopter with manual trim control and front & rear motor power can be powered individually to fly faster inside or outside in no wind conditions. This helicopter is extremely easy and enjoyable and challenging to fly! You have to be very gentle when turning in mid air to avoid blade collision.

Box Size 50x35x20cm