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RGT CJ 1/10 4WD All Terrain Jeep Rock Crawler

Original price $499.00
Current price $469.00
Color: Grey

RGT CJ 1/10 4WD Jeep Rock Crawler with Lights

The CJ Crawler has optimized and shortened the wheelbase and manufactured based on the RGT Pioneer (EX86110) platform, which the chassis structure basically has unchanged. The CJ wheelbase is adjusted to 285mm, and the front bumper adopts metal anti-crash design. The winch mounting hole is reserved, which could accommodate non-destructive installation. The rear part of the CJ is equipped with a full-size spare tyre.

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The whole car employs ball bearings, C-shaped steel beam chassis, and front and rear axle locking spools. The steering arm is designed with a high-position tie rod, which is matched with CVA steering of a high-strength ball cage, and can achieve a super-large steering angle of 41 degrees.  The CJ has the front-mounted motor design, split transmission and deceleration system. The main gear of the reducer comes with slipper clutch design and the gears of the transmission system are of all high-strength powder alloy , which counters gear teeth wearing out under load. 

CJ comes with 17T RC550 super-strong torque motor, RGT-60A waterproof ESC, 15KG high-torque waterproof servo and 7.2V 2000MAH NiMH battery. The 4-channel remote controller is specially designed for Crawler, supporting the third channel control the light switch and the forth channel control the winch retracting function (optional). The biggest highlight of CJ is that the approach angle and the departure angle are close to 90 degrees, assisting to encounter almost any terrain and road condition.

The design of the body shell is carefully produced to attentiveness; the steering wheel, seat, handbrake, gear shift lever, windshield and rear-view mirror are all incorporated in the body.

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  • Classic Construction: Front motor seat, front gear reducer and front bias designs provide more effective traction to the front wheels and effectively reduce the possibility of turning over when driving at a high angle
  • Structure: The middle chassis part uses type C steel beam. The whole car pull rod and stop rod, center drive shaft and so on are made of metal. The middle drive shaft is made of nylon, which has good flexibility and durability. Adjustable front and rear crash barrier with 2 U-shaped rescue hooks are robust and resists crash damage.
  • Distribution Box Design: The front driving force is evenly distributed to the front and rear wheels to ensure the uniform driving force and improve the stability of the vehicle
  • Steering Linkages: The newly designed steering arm adopts high lever steering linkage to avoid the limit of seat C with high-precision CVD, which can achieve greater steering angle of 42 degrees
  • Configuration: Equipped with LED headlights, front pole lights and rear pole lights which can be turned on through the receiver. With 60A brushed ESC, 550 17T large torque brushed motor and 15KG high torque waterproof servo
  • Battery: 7.2V 2000MAH battery, to make climbing easier.
  • Waterproof Receiver Box:Inlay three or four channel ports, so that you can refit lights, capstan, sound group lights without having to open the receiver box for convenient installation every time. 
  • Attractive body: The simulated shell is made of PC material, attractive and durable
  • Body Shell is made from moulded PVC plastic via injection process with strong resistance to the elements
  • Blister process is used for the steering wheel, seat, and handbrake
  • Comes with transparent windshield

HSP Jeep CJ Grey Painted Body Shell w/ Roll Cage

HSP Jeep CJ Grey Painted Body Shell w/ Roll Cage

  • HSP Jeep CJ Yellow Painted Body Shell w/ Roll Cage

HSP 1/10 Grey Jeep Painted Body Shell w/ Accessories

HSP 1/10 Grey Jeep Painted Body Shell w/ Accessories

HSP 1/10 Grey Jeep Painted Body Shell w/ Accessories


  • Scale: 1/10
  • Drive: 4WD
  • Wheelbase: 285mm
  • Length: 465mm
  • Width: 240mm
  • Height: 255mm
  • Weight: 2.78KG
  • Gear Ratio: 56.6:1 & 33.3:1
  • Motor: 17T RC550 Brushed
  • ESC: RGT-60A
  • Servo: 15KG
  • Battery: 7.2V 2000mAh
  • Running Time: About 20mins
  • Charging Time: About 2hrs
  • Transmitter Type: Pistol Grip with Steering
  • Transmitter Battery: 4 X 1.5V AA(Not Included)
  • R/C Distance: About 100m

Package Contents

1 x RGT EX86010-CJ 1/10 Rock Crawler 4WD
1 x 2.4 GHz Transmitter System
1 x 7.2V 2000mAh Battery
1 x Battery Charger (Australian Standard)
1 x Instruction Manual


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