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Welcome to Technohobbies

RadioMaster R88 2.4GHz 8CH Over 1KM PWM Nano Receiver



Brand Name: RadioMaster

Item Name: R88 Nano Receiver

Model: R88

Weight: 11g

Size: 40*26*16 mm

Channels: 8CH

Frequency range: 2400-2483.5Mhz

Power input range: 4.5-6V

Signal format: FrSky D8 Compatible

Output format: PWM

Support return: support return RSSI

Ramge: more than 1km

Antenna length: 15 cm

Bind method:

1. Press and hold the BIND button on the receiver then connect power. After approximately 3 seconds, the receiver LED will be RED, the receiver is now in bind mode

2. Select the D8 protocol for the multi-protocol menu of your remote control, and press the [BIND] option, the red light of the receiver will flash indicating successful bind

3. Exit bind mode on your remote control and disconnect power to the receiver then power the receiver once more. The LED will now be solid RED indicated the bind is now done. If not please repeat step 1 and 2

Fail-safe Protection:

1. Press the BIND button once within 10 seconds of th eceiver being powered on, and the

receiver will save all the current channel values of the remote control as the fail-safe value

2. 10 seconds after the receiver is powered on, the BIND button function will be disabled to

prevent accidental changes to to the fail-safe settings while preparing the model for fa

RSSI output:

This receiver has a total of 9 channels. 8 channels + an RSSI output channel. 

Channels 1-8 are controlled by the remote controller, the 9th channel is the signal strength RSSI value output by the receiver itself, which can be read by the flight controller and sent to the OSD device Show

signal strength.

Package Included:

1 x R88 Nano Receiver