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RadioMaster R168 8CH PWM Frsky D16 Compatible Receiver


RadioMaster R168 8CH PWM Frsky D16 Compatible Receiver

The Radiomaster R168 is a FrSky D16 compatible PWM receiver with 8 PWM channels or 16 channels via SBUS. The receiver supports RSSI and also has voltage sensing so can read battery voltage and pass this information to your radio over telemetry (max input 18V, don't connect >4S). Further telemetry devices can be connected via its S.Port. The RX also supports several failsafe modes (Custom, Hold, No Pulses).

The Rx binds via D16 ACCST V1 either LBT or FCC (the receiver is also compatible with ACCST V2, via a firmware re-flash - see downloads for file).


  • PWM, SBUS and S.Port Output
  • Battery voltage telemetry built in (reads flight battery voltage up to 18v)
  • Reinforced antenna mounts


  • Number of channels: 16 channels
  • Frequency range: 2400-2483.5Mhz
  • Power supply range: 4.5-8.4V
  • Protocol: Frsky D16 Compatible V1
  • Output format: PWM, SBUS, S.Port
  • Telemetry: S.port, RSSI output, VBAT (up to 18V voltage detection)
  • Control distance: More than 1km
  • Failsafe protection: CUSTOM (customized for all channels), HOLD (failsafe hold), NO PULSES (no pulse)
  • Antenna length: Approximately 15c
  • Size: 40x26x16mm
  • Weight: 10 grams


  • 1x RadioMaster R168 16CH PWM/SBUS/S.Port 2.4GHz RC Receiver

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