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Welcome to Technohobbies

Louise 3MT-UPHILL suit ARRMA Granite/TM E5 14mm - LT3204BM


MT-UPHILL suit ARRMA Granite/TM E5 14mm

Suit = 1/10th Monster truck tyres

1/2” OFFSET 4WD Front & Rear

 Assemble for Nitro JATO 2wd Rear
                          Nitro STAMPEDE 2wd Rear
                          Nitro RUSTLER 2wd Rear
                          Electric STAMPEDE 2wd Front
                          Electric RUSTLER 2wd Front
                          Electric STAMPEDE 4wd Front & Rear
                          Electric MONSTER JAM 2WD Rear

Hex size= 12mm

Rim Colour= Black

Off set= 1/2

Tyre pattern= Chunky

Tyre comp= Sport

Premounted and glued= Yes