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Welcome to Technohobbies
Welcome to Technohobbies

Huina Large 1.2m tall Die-Caste RC Tower Crane

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Nothing beats construction sites and architecture – the massive buildings in progress and large scale designs that every child admires. But what if you could scale down that tower crane, and replicate those tower beams, taking playtime to the next level?

Our remote-controlled tower cranes offer an incredibly realistic experience, with a large capacity crane turntable and crane base, a premium die-cast exterior, and 12-channel remote functionality. With this large number of channels, our remote-control tower cranes operate with many unique functions, including full, 360-degree rotation of the crane, impressive light effects, and a realistic crane hook feature, among others.

This powerful die-cast tower crane holds a USB-rechargeable battery, allowing 30 minutes of play-time, to the massive lift capacity of 500 grams. The tower crane also has sound, easily accessible through the remote control, making it the perfect companion to your child’s playtime adventures.

Lift up to your next big adventure with our remote-controlled tower crane.



Features: Crane turntable and base, remote-controlled, die-cast, 12-channel • Modes: Tower crane arm left, tower crane arm right, hook left, hook right, hook up, hook down • Crane Turntable: 7.2V – AA, NI-CD • Crane Base: 1.5V (2 x AA Batteries) • Remote Control Battery: 1.5V (2 x AA Batteries) • USB Charging Line: 7.2V • Charge Time: 4 hours • Play Time: 25-30 minutes • Maximum Weight to Lift: 500g • Measurements: 92 x 34 x 120cm • Product Weight: 4 kgs • Colour: Sand-beige