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HSP Nitro 4WD 2.Ghz Off Road 1/10 Scale RC Monster Truck

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HSP Nitro 2.4Ghz 4WD Off Road 1/10 Scale RC Monster Truck

Please Note:-

While Nitro fuel powered RC Cars are fun and exciting to drive and/or race, we do not recommend them for everyone, unless you have used Nitro RC Cars before and have the experience in starting, running and maintaining them. 

Also Note: Techno Hobbies do not carry all parts or undertake repairs for all types of Nitro RC Buggies or Monster Trucks.


This monster truck has been designed for the kid inside each one of us! HSP have manufactured this 1/10 Nitro Fueled Truck to be easy to start, durable, reliable and with parts that are easily replaceable. The truck comes equipped with a .18 CXP engine which will power this machine to speeds in excess of 60 km/h, and in our opinion is one of the most reliable and easy to use model vehicle engines on the market. It certainly is one of the toughest with a thick aluminium chassis and independent suspension supported by twin shock absorbers at each corner which makes it a great choice for the the beginner RC vehicle enthusiast.

Power is transferred from the motor to each gearbox by a rugged single speed transmission and is capable of operating on just about any surface from tarmac to rough off road terrain.

Upgraded Shock Tower

The upgraded shock front tower that is manufactured from a much thicker and stronger grade of aluminium than previous models. The heavy duty construction of this component helps by keeping the shock absorbers aligned to to the correct geometry to provide maximum reaction over harsh terrain.

Adjustable Suspension

All 8 shock absorbers  are adjustable and allow the operator to dial in the suspension to suit the type of terrain they want to operate on.  You can apply more pre-load to the spring for a firmer rate when running on a smooth surface to reduce body roll or take the clip out for a softer rate when running on rugged off road environments where you need all the suspension travel you can get. Rear wheel camber is adjustable along with front wheel camber and toe in - toe out also being fully adjustable via a simple turnbuckle system on the steering arms. Your sure to find the set-up that is right for just about any operating surface.

High Torque Steering Servo

Steering duties are commanded by a HSP 6001 6kg "High Torque" steering servo. The servo is also protected from heavy shock loads that can be amplified through the steering components while operating in harsh terrain by a unique "Servo Saver" system. A special spring loaded joint is incorporated into the steering system which helps dampen severe jarring to the servo and helps extend its longevity. The throttle and braking commands are also performed by the same model servo to make sure that you can stop exactly where you want and power away like a bullet every time.

2.4GHz Digital Radio Transmitter System

The Monster Truck is supplied with a quality HSP 2.4GHz digital radio transmitter which means you can run other vehicles utilizing the same system without interference at the same time.

The radio has forward, reverse, left/right along with proportional throttle control and steering travel adjustment.


  • High Performance Four wheel drive system.
  • Front/rear differentials with quality bevel gears
  • 6061/T6 solid anodized aluminium chassis.
  • 13.8g lightweight aluminium flywheel allows for quick engine response.
  • Solid universal joint cups/high performance ball bearings and gears.
  • Disc brake system with replaceable pads provides quick brake response.
  • Extra large 75cc leak proof fuel tank with overflow pipe and spring loaded cap.
  • Pre-trimmed aggressive 1/10th scale Truck tires
  • Eight oil filled shock absorbers.
  • High flow dual foam element air filter.
  • Front /rear bumper for impact protection.


  • Nitro Powered Off Road Truck.
  • Length: 400mm.
  • Wheel Base: 310mm.
  • Ground Clearance: 30mm.
  • Height: 185mm.
  • Gear Ratio: 14.3:1.
  • Motor: VX18 2.95cc Vertex.
  • Transmission: Constant single speed.
  • Wheel Diameter: 120mm.
  • Wheel Width: 60mm Front - 60mm Rear.
  • Chassis: Anodised Aluminium Chassis.

    Package Contents

  • Fully assembled 1/10 Scale Nitro Off Road Truck.
  • 2.4Ghz Digital Remote Control.
  • English manual.
  • Grey/Orange/Yellow/Black Monster Truck
  • What is required

  • 8 x AA batteries for the transmitter
  • 4 x AA batteries for the receiver
  • Nitro Starter Kit (Available at Techno Hobbies) 
  • Good commercial blend of Glow Fuel with a 20% Nitro content suitable for model vehicles (Recommend first few tanks run on 16% Nitro fuel to run in the motor) can be purchased from Techno Hobbies (Cannot be shipped).

Note: Colours and Specifications are subject to change.