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HPI Maverick QUANTUM2 MT Monster Truck 1:10 RTR Brushed

Color: Blue

All New Maverick Quantum2 MT 1/10th Monster Truck - Special Orders Only!

Stronger, Mightier and Faster; All-new The Re-designed Maverick Q2 MT

Maverick has taken the well-loved Quantum MT and given it a full redesign from the ground up, then thrown in even more high-energy parts to bring you the new and improved Quantum2 MT!

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HPI Maverick QUANTUM2 MT ORANGE Monster Truck 1:10 RTR w/Handset/Lights  MV150401


This 12-turn, 550-size brushed motor version is available in classically cool Maverick BLUE with black wheels, or super-bright ORANGE with fluorescent orange wheels! Each Quantum2 MT is fitted with working front AND rear lights, including functional brake lights – and you can turn them on or off from the brand new controller! With brand new wheels and Tredz tyres, the Quantum2 will be turning heads and instantly impressing your friends!

The standard version of the Maverick Quantum2 MT features a 12-turn 550-size brushed motor, waterproof ESC, a complete redesign of the original Quantum chassis and a host of fantastic improvements and upgrades!


Brush guard front bumper with built-in LED light bar!

The solid brush guard style bumper not only looks great – it's fully functional, too! It'll keep crash damage away from that amazing looking body, it's a handy carrying handle, PLUS it's fitted with extra-bright LED lights that you can turn on and off from the controller! The skid plate underneath also allows you to slide over obstacles and jumps to keep you going and the Quantum2 MT coming back for more!

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The Quantum2 MT features expertly designed parts molded in robust and durable materials to keep you driving and smiling for hours at a time! From extra-thick suspension arms and one-piece uprights to thick metal axles and driveshafts spinning on real metal bearings, the Quantum2 MT is built to last! The Quantum2 bodies are completely pre-painted and crafted from robust polycarbonate — a material known for its high tensile strength and durability. Despite its strength, this material retains flexibility, making it the top choice for high-quality RC bodies!

Real Steering Wheel Controller with Light Control Included!

The brand new Maverick MTX-400 controller features a real steering wheel, just like full-size cars, plus loads of dials for fine-tuning the handling and controls of your truck! The pistol grip shape feels natural in the hand and with just a pull of the trigger you are off and running! There’s buttons to control the lighting, too: turn the lights fully on or off, or have just the brake lights on! The control is literally in your hands!  

Featuring TREDZ tyres from HPI Racing

Each Quantum2 MT is fitted with working front AND rear lights, including functional brake lights – and you can turn them on or off from the brand new controller! With brand new wheels and Tredz tyres, the Quantum 2 will be turning heads and instantly impressing your friends!

We absolutely love the all-new Linebacker tyres from Tredz! These are bi-directional tyres which work great on all surfaces: gravel, mud, dirt, on-road or off-road! Plus, check out the little hex logo lugs! These are pre-glued on extra-large newly designed wheels that look like they’re going a million miles an hour just standing still

Wheely Bar as Standard

You can wheely to your heart's content - right out of the box with the pre-installed, adjustable, ready to rock Quantum2 wheely bar across the range

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  • 4WD Shaft Driven Monster Truck
  • Independent Double Wishbone Suspension
  • Oil Filled Adjustable Coilover Shocks
  • C-Hub Front & One Piece Rear Suspension Uprights
  • Oversize Durable Upper and Lower Suspension Arms
  • Metal plate insert hinge pin holders front and rear
  • Oversize M1.25 Diff Crown & Pinion Gears
  • Tough Metal 4-Gear Differentials Front & Rear
  • Quick Access Motor with Gear Cover To Keep Debris Away From The Spur Gear
  • Fixed Gear Motor Mount - Fits 12T to 16T Pinions
  • Twin Pad Slipper Clutch with 51T 32DP Spur Gear
  • Dual Point Bell Crank Steering System With Integrated Servo Saver
  • Molded Tub Chassis with Hex Pattern Reinforcement
  • Adjustable Wheelie Bar Included
  • 2.8" Wheel Design with 14mm Hex Hub Wheel Fitting
  • Tredz Linebacker Tires
  • Front & Rear Lights with functional Brake Light and Remote On/Off from Transmitter
  • 2.4GHz 4CH Radio Set with Waterproof Receiver
  • Pre-Cut Factory Finished And Decaled Polycarbonate Bodyshell
  • AND Available In 2 Bright Color Options

Quick and efficient motor removal and adjustment!

The motor is held in place with a fixed motor clamp under a heavy duty plastic seal, protecting it from dirt, stones and other debris that could damage the spur gear. And in case you ever want to swap out the motor to give the Quantum2 MT a good clean, the motor is easily removeable with just 3 screws (and 2 more if you want to take off the motor clamp). You'll notice that all the hardware is metric machine-thread screws as well – just another mark of steady improvement for Maverick RC!

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60A Waterproof ESC

The MSC-60BR-WP is the ideal partner for the 550 brushed motor fitted in the Quantum2 MT! You can use a variety of battery types and sizes with it, from 6-7 cell NiMH or 2S batteries. It's fitted with an XT60 plug, and a plug adapter is included to let you use appropriate batteries fitted with the popular white RC plug. 

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Note: It's also waterproof so it's great for blasting through mud and puddles! Please note that electronics are not designed for submerged operation. Be sure to rinse off any dirt or salt water with clean water immediately. Check the motor to make sure no water or dirt is inside, spray with electric motor cleaning spray and let dry fully before driving again.

Super-strong dual-bellcrank servo saver!

Another racer touch you'll see on the Quantum2 MT is the dual-bellcrank steering, with adjustable servo saver fitted with a thick metal spring. The cammed & sprung action of the servo saver – as well as the one-piece steering rods and durable yet flexible front suspension - helps protect the internal gears of the servo from crashes. 

Durable front suspension!

The Quantum2 MT uses racing-style C-hub and steering blocks to give you outstanding performance on a variety of driving surfaces, letting you let your driving do the talking! The suspension parts use thick plastic where it's best: the main suspension arm plus camber & steering links, and high-spec hubs and uprights keep the tires pointed exactly where you want them. 

Tough rear suspension!

At the rear end, it's the same story: super thick lower and upper suspension arms for dual-wishbone action front and rear. Only the best designs for Maverick RC drivers! And just check out the little touches you won't see unless the wheel is removed: lightened plastic wheel hubs and even optional camber link mounts on the one-piece upright! 

Strong metal suspension braces for extra strength!

To add even more the durability of the Quantum2 MT, the suspension features tough metal braces to protect the lower suspension arms. This allows the arms to do what they were designed to do, in concert with the camber and steering links and even the wheels and tires: flex when needed to absorb crash damage and keep the truck in one piece, so you can keep on driving and having fun with your friends.

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  • Length 475mm
  • Width 355mm
  • Wheelbase 285mm
  • 12T 550 Brushed motor
  • Metal diffs

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Quick access to all-metal gear differentials for easy maintenance!

Just a handful of screws gives you quick and easy access to the differentials front and rear – just like pro racing trucks and buggies! The HD outdrives used to be an option – now, they're standard parts! You'll also see the metal ring gear surrounding the diff, and there's more metal gears inside… the Quantum2 is super tough and ready for anything! The only plastic you'll find in the diff is the outer case.

Dual-Pad Slipper Clutch!
Taking a cue from top-spec pro racing models, the Quantum2 MT is fitted with an extra-tough, metal dual-pad slipper clutch. This is not only super durable, it's adjustable as well! Of course, you don't have to adjust a thing – the whole truck will work great as-is out of the box, but if you want to do those little racer tweaks, it's really easy to do!

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    Items Required:

    • 4 x AA Batteries for the Transmitter
    • 7.2v NiMh or 7.4v LiPo Battery with Tamiya plug for Car
    • Compatible Charger

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