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Hobbywing QuicRun 2435SL 4500Kv G2 2-Pole Brushless Motor


Hobbywing QuicRun 2435SL 4500Kv G2 2-Pole Brushless Motor

Hobbywing QuicRun 2435SL 4500Kv G2 2-Pole Brushless Motor


High Efficiency means more POWER while keeping TEMP low!

Great Construction

The use of a heat-resistant magnet attached steel case and double insulated windings, high precision bearings, and rotor with a strong structure guarantees outstanding performance and super durability.


The QUICRUN-2435 is an inexpensive motor but applicable to 1/16th & 1/18th scale vehicles.

High Efficiency

The output performance of this motor has an efficiency of up to 80%. In the same load condition, QUICRUN 2435 has the higher efficiency but lower temperature than other 2435 motors.

Dustproof Design

The dustproof design implemented at the load end of the motor makes this QUICRUN 2435 motor applicable for monster trucks, buggies.

Plug and Play

Pre-soldered with high-quality gold connectors on motor leads, the QUICRUN 2435 motor is a plug and play.

  • Its 2-pole rotor creates greater torque. QUICRUN-2435 brushless sensorless motor suits various 1/16 & 1/18 vehicles, especially buggies and monster trucks.
  • Composed of high quality components: high tech aluminium alloy motor shell, heat-resistant wires and magnets, and long-life bearings.
  • High quality pre-soldered gold plated connectors. The QUICRUN-2435 motor is a plug-and-play masterpiece.
  • Splash & dustproof CNC Aluminium casing
  • Genuine Hobbywing Product

  • KV: 4500KV
  • LiPo Cells: 2-3
  • Resist.* (Ω): 0.0498
  • No-load Current (Amp): 1.5
  • Max. Output Power (W): 150
  • Current at the Point of M.O.P *(Amp): 33
  • Outer Diameter /Length (mm): 24.0/36.5
  • Diameter of the Shaft (mm): 2.30/14
  • Pole: 2
  • W.T.*(g): 73
  • Application: 1:18,1:16 On/Off-road/ Truck /Monster

HobbyWing QuicRun 2435 4500KV brushless motor for 1:18 1:16 | Shopee  Philippines

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