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Welcome to Technohobbies

GT-X4 | G.T. Power Pro Quad AC/DC Smart Charger


GT-X4 | G.T. Power Pro Quad AC/DC Smart Charger


GT-X4 Quattro 4 output charger AC/DC (240/12V)

Charge current: 0.1-7.0A

Circut power: 100W for charging max (X4), 5W for discharging (X4)

Discharge current drain for Lipo: 300mah

Supports: Lithium cells 1-6s, NiCd/NiMh 1-15 cells, PB voltage 2-20V

Cables: 2 x XT60 charge leads, 2 x Deans charge cables, 4 x long balance cables with XH balance boards.

Adaptor leads: Dean to JST, Dean to Tamiya, Dean to Fut female, Dean to aligator, XT60 to aligator.

Charge modes: Fast/Balance/Storage/Discharge.


Compatible With: LiPo, Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCd, Pb
Output Connector Type: Deans,Tamiya,JST,Futaba,Alligator Clips
Type: Smart
Maximum Amps: 7



G.T.Power X4 Quattro 400W charger AC/DC #GT-X4





GT Power X4 Pro Quad AC/DC Smart Charger 4 x 100W Output Build Your Own  Drone