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Welcome to Technohobbies
Welcome to Technohobbies

HSP Pro Electric 4WD RTR 1:10 Scale RC Brushless Buggy

Color: Blue

HSP Grampus 1:10 Scale Brushless Pro 4WD RTR RC Buggy - 

The HSP Grampus - Pro Buggy is the ultimate affordable Brushless 1:10 scale 4WD RC car you can buy in the market; tough, fast and sheer driving pleasure in the game of RC (Radio Control) racing! 

HSP Remote Control Toy Grampus Cool Buggy 4WD Off-road Car RC - Picture 4 of 5

This amazing RC Buggy includes a high capacity LiPo battery which provides long run times and high speeds for ultimate enjoyment.  You can now drive for longer than 20 minutes with the included 7.4v 3500mAh LiPo battery.

The perfect RC Car for intermediate Hobbyists or beginners that have the need for speed! Being 100% waterproof lets you drive rain hail or shine, enjoy the performance of the HSP Grampus when it suits you.

Great looking RC Buggy with blinding speed and toughness!

It also includes a 2A fast charger that charges the included battery approximately in 2 hours.  Not only that, you can enjoy the great fun that this HSP 1/10 RC Buggy provides on even rainy days as this fast buggy is Water Resistant.

HSP Remote Control Toy Grampus Cool Buggy 4WD Off-road Car RC - Picture 3 of 5


Maintenance is a breeze! Taking a differential out will only take 5 minutes with a basic Philips head screwdriver (only 5 screws). 

Never strip gears again! The 0.6 Mod metal gears are perfectly matched up and have a protective guard that goes around them to keep the stones and gravel out.


  • Heavy Duty Steel Gears
  • 100% Water Resistant
  • 4WD Shaft Driven
  • 3300Kv Brushless Motor with 60Amp ESC
  • Steel Differential Gears and Pinion
  • 4Ghz Radio w/ Inbuilt Fail Safe
  • Oil filled Shock Absorbers
  • LiPo Balance Fast Charger
  • Large 3500Mah 7.4v LiPo Rechargeable Battery

HSP Remote Control Toy Grampus Cool Buggy 4WD Off-road Car RC - Picture 5 of 5

3300KV Brushless Motor

These days when you want speed, brushless is the only way. Inside this RC vehicle is a pre-installed 3300KV 540 sized brushless motor that can unleash a huge amount of power for high top speeds and is more efficient for longer run times.

Tough Steel Gears

Never strip gears again! These 0.6 Mod gears are perfectly matched up and have a protective guard that goes around them to keep the stones and gravel out. (Upgraded  Aluminum suspension arms and hardened steel drive shafts can be purchased from Techno Hobbies on special orders).

Dual Progressive Suspension

Enabling the HSP Grampus to drive over tough terrain is four individual oil-filled blue Aluminum shocks with progressive springs.


  • Length: 400mm (15.74")
  • Width: 255mm (10.03")
  • Height: 160mm (6.29") 
  • Weight: 1796g
  • Wheel Base: 275mm (10.82")
  • Ground Clearance: 26mm (1.02")
  • Drivetrain: 4WD
  • T Power B3 1.5A Fast LiPo Charger
  • Box size: 62 x 30 x 21cm
  • Shipping Weight 9.76Kg 


  • Blue
  • Orange


Recommended for Ages 14+

Suitable for ages under the age recommendation with Adult supervision (Noting Care and Warranty Policy)


Please note that this is a hobby grade high-performance remote-control vehicle.

Damages incurred by crashes, impacts and misuse are not covered by warranty.

All warranty claims are assessed on a case by case basis as per our warranty terms and conditions.

By purchasing this RC vehicle, you have agreed 1-month warranty on Rechargeable Batteries and a 3-month limited warranty terms highlighted below:

This Remote-Control Car is covered by a 3-Month Limited Warranty for the following:
- 1 month warranty on Rechargeable Batteries
- 1 month for failure or mechanical and non-electronic parts (please see Wear and Tear section below)
- 3 month for major electronic components (ESC, Remote controller and Receiver)

Warranty excludes:
- Damages incurred to the product caused by misuse or abuse such as high speed impacts and crashes 
- Tampering or modifying of the product in any manner
- Use of unapproved after market parts or accessories on the product
- Poor battery maintenance (See Battery maintenance section below)

General 'Wear and Tear' parts are excluded from any Warranty after the product has been used,  whether inside or outside.
List of “Wear and Tear” parts:-

- All Gears, their respective cogs, and Motors
- Wheels, tyres, wheel assembly and drive shafts
- Chassis, and all plastic components

PLEASE NOTE:- Not most R/C products are fitted with a Power Switch. If not fitted with a power switch, then you must disconnect the battery from the product.  We also recommend for products fitted with an On/Off switch to disconnect the battery from the car when not in use for safety and longevity of battery life.

Proper Battery Maintenance include:
- Charge the battery fully before first use, before or after any use, storage or use after storage and never run the car until the battery power is low or fully discharged
- Allow for battery to cool down  prior to charging again.  This will help prolong battery life
- Disconnect the battery from product when not in use. Leaving the battery connected to the product over time (when not in use) can cause damage to the battery due to gradual discharging

(Never run RC products supplied with LiPo or Li-Ion batteries until the battery power becomes very low or fully discharged.  This will cause permanent damage to the battery).


Our Remote-Control Hobby Grade products are contain internal and external parts that are replaceable for continued use as long as the product has not been discontinued by the manufacturer.
Therefore, over a period of use, parts will “Wear & Tear”, which is common to all moving products, and will require replacement, unless they belong to 'Toy' category.

Note: The durability of parts can vary depending on the environment the product is being used.  The supplied user manual includes’ a Parts List for all internal and external Wear & Tear items, items surrounding the wheel assembly, as well as gears that are available for purchase from our shop.

Please contact Techno Hobbies  should you require a part not listed on our website.