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FMS RocHobby 1:18 6X6 Cheyenne RC Crawler

Original price $329.00
Current price $299.00

FMS RocHobby 1:18 6X6 Cheyenne RC Crawler

ROCHOBBY 1/18 Cheyenne 6x6 RC Crawler RTR

The new 1:18 6X6 Cheyenne is the latest release in the range of highly detailed scale Crawlers available from ROCHOBBY. This very unique 6WD crawler based on the prototype vehicle has the very same looks and stance of the vehicle which it is based on.

Nothing has been overlooked by the vehicle design team when recreating unique scale vehicle as we recognize that attention to detail is paramount for the scale enthusiast when recreating these scale vehicles.

A powerful 6x6 drive system with independent Intermediate axle ensures that not only is it more than capable of conquering all manner of terrain it might encounter, but it also provides the Cheyenne with a very high degree of grip and traction.

The 1:18 Cheyenne is also equipped with the same rigid ladderframe chassis design as existing RocHobby models. For the Cheyenne, The rigid metal chassis beams were extended to accommodate the longer wheelbase design of the 6X6 drive system.

In addition to all this the vehicles wide body design also reduces the vehicle's center of gravity, offering increased driving stability on all kinds of Terrain including even water crossings and wet areas thanks to the addition of waterproof electronics!

Just Like its siblings, the RocHobby 1:18 Cheyenne comes to you with a vast amount of extremely high “true to life” scale detail.

Image 1 - FMS 1/18 CHEYENNE 6WD 2.4GHz RC Car Electric Crawler Buggy Remote Control New

Dark Grey matte body

The advanced dark gray matte color makes the car look more advanced overall, you can call it the Phantom Knight.

Injection molded rubber body

Robust and impact resistant plus working lights

A full rhino bumper kit and a scale bonnet ventilation grille and snorkel to ensure that the car details while making the car more robust, crash and fall resistant.

Rhino bumper

Open and close front hood

The power battery is stored in the front hood, so when your car runs out of power, you can open the hood and replace or recharge the battery at any time.

Movable hood

Hopper open and close design

At the rear of the vehicle, the tailgate can be opened to facilitate loading and unloading of cargo. Also equipped with anti-roll bar to carry more space.

Bucket tailgate and anti-roll bar

All terrain tyres

High traction M/T tire with 1.0 inch internal bead lock wheel can easily navigate various terrain obstacles

All terrain tires


7.4V 2S polymer battery

Equipped with a 7.4V 380 mAh Li-ion battery, with a battery life of up to 40 minutes, enjoy the RC fun!


7.4V 2S polymer battery

6X6 All Terrain