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Welcome to Technohobbies

FMS Reflex V3 Stable Flight Controller


FMS RC Airplane Reflex V3 Mini Gyro Flight Control System for Remote Control Aircraft Planes - Reflex V3 Stable Flight Controller - FMSREF002


  • Utilizes a high-speed 32-bit ARM processor onboard.
  • Sensors: Solid-state 3 axis gyro and 3 axis accelerometer.
  • Automatically recognizes SBUS/PPM/PWM systems, compatible with all radio systems with 4 channels or above. If you are using a 4 channel transmitter, use the included jumper to select between flight modes by plugging it into the “gyro mode input” port.
  • Easy operation- the Reflex system is programmed specifically for the aircraft it is connected to. No further programming is needed.
  • The user only needs to connect their receiver to the gyro and setup the aircraft normally. Please read the enclosed manual carefully before using the product.
  • Reflex V3 version can be connected to a mobile app via Bluetooth after power-on, unlocking parameter setting functions (available for non-FMS models as well).
  • User-friendly operation: Synchronize required parameters through computer software or mobile app, connect Reflex V3 to the receiver, and set up the corresponding channels and directions on the remote controller. (Note: Parameter setting functions are only supported by the mobile app.)