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FMS 1/12 Licensed Land Rover Series 2 with lights

Original price $379.00
Current price $359.00
Color: Green

All New FMS 1/12 Licensed Land Rover RC Car  4WD Off-Road, Waterproof Crawler with 2.4Ghz Remote Control,Led Lights and packed with full of features!

The Land Rover Classic Tribute to the 75th Anniversary of the Land Rover Series II and this 1/12 scale Land Rover RC model faithfully replicating the 1958 civilian Land Rover Defender Series II.  Pays homage to the rugged and adventurous exterior with the distinctive Grassmere Green paintwork. Sharing the spirit of the military version of the Defender, it faithfully reproduces the functionality of the military model, transforming between three vehicles.

The Land Rover Series 2 is an iconic off-road vehicle that well represents the adventurous spirit of the Land Rover brand. It combines outstanding durability with outstanding versatility, making it the ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Three model types in one : Hardtop pickup, Hardtop box truck and Open-top convertible model all in one.



  • Full Vehicle Ball Bearings + Metal Beams + Four-Wheel Drive System + Two-Speed Transmission - The 1/12 Land Rover RC Car's entire chassis is primarily supported by ball bearings and metal beams, providing robust support for its two-speed transmission during movement and ensuring extremely high driving satisfaction and off-road ability.


  • 5 Lighting Modes + Steering Wheel and Wheel Synchronization - The 1/12 Land Rover RC Car features remote control for its headlights, taillights, turn signals, brake lights, and fog lights during driving. It offers 5 different lighting combinations, and the steering wheel and wheels are synchronized, just like a real car, making it incredibly inspirational.

  • Exquisite Front Grille + Full-Simulation Interior + Opening Hood, Side Doors, and Tailgate - The 1/12 Land Rover RC Car replicates the exquisite front grille and features a fully simulated interior. Additionally, the car is fully functional, with the hood, side doors, and tailgate all capable of opening, providing a genuine car experience that sets it apart from other models.

Adventurer's Staple, Off-Road Legends

The new Land Rover Series II launched by FMS inherits the essence of real cars in terms of highly realistic appearance, comfortable fully simulated interior, durable chassis and powerful power system.

Whether traversing rugged mountains, traversing muddy trails, or crossing rivers, FMS-Land Rover Series 2 can bring an exciting and reliable handling experience, embodying the spirit of pioneering adventure, allowing players to create unforgettable memories.

FMS 1/12-scale Land Rover Series II RTR [Video] - Small-Scale RC


  • The whole vehicle adopts ball bearings, and the transmission is more efficient.
  • Two-speed transmission, which can be switched freely according to different needs.
  • Four-wheel drive system, excellent off-road performance.
  • The structural design of leaf springs and metal beams improves the load-carrying capacity and durability of the vehicle.
  • Fully simulated interior with exquisite details.
  • The vehicle lighting system includes direction linkage to enrich user experience.
  • The hood, doors on both sides and tailgate can be opened, and the windshield can be folded down.
  • The roof can be replaced with different styles, providing more personalized options.

Highly Realistic Appearance

The car shell features scaled rivets, etched grille, door hinges, a fuel tank cap, engine hood support rod, and more for enhanced realism.

 Fully Simulated Interior

Realistic interior design, seats, instrument panel, steering wheel, and more, highly restored for an authentic experience. Ideal for collection and display.

Two Speed Transmission

Versatile two-speed transmission for optimal power and control on various terrains. Easily switch to match road conditions and needs. Perfect for city streets and off-road tracks.

Versatile Configurations

The Land Rover Series II supports a robust hardtop pickup, a practical hardtop van, and an exhilarating open-top vehicle these three styles.

Tough Metal Chassis

Its tough, metal chassis construction stands up to various loads, you can take it out on your wildest adventures.

Four Wheel Drive System

Provide better traction and grip, make it easier for the vehicle to pass through complex terrain.


Lighting System And Steering Direction linkage

Remote-controlled lights (headlights, taillights, etc.) with direction linkage. Lights up while turning or braking for an immersive driving experience with different modes.

Multiple Body Parts Are Moveable

The front windshield can be tilted down, and the hood and rear door can open to increase the model's authenticity.

Full-Vehicle Ball Bearings

Ball bearings have a smaller friction coefficient and higher rotation speed, making the model smoother and easier during driving, and providing higher rotation accuracy and stability.

Powerful Suspension System

The suspension system can be adjusted by adding or reducing steel springs to make it more versatile and durable.


  • Length: 270mm
  • Width: 135mm
  • Height: 149mm
  • Wheelbase: 169mm
  • Tyre F/R: Φ 54.8*19.5mm
  • Minimum Ground Clearance: 31mm
  • Approach Angle: 57°
  • Departure Angle: 42 °
  • Approx. Operating Duration Time: 20mins





    • 1 x 1:12 Land Rover Series II - RTR
    • 1 x 2.4G Transmitter + 2 in1 ESC & Receiver (installed)
    • 1 x 180 Brushed Motor (installed)
    • 3 x 3Y 9g Digital Servo (installed)
    • 1 x 2S Lipo 7.4V 380mAh Battery
    • 1 x USB Battery Charger
    • 1 x Hex Wrench Socket
    • 1 x Product Manual
    • 1 x Bind Connector


    • 4 x AAA Batteries for Transmitter 

    Take the Legendary Land Rover Series 11 with you, where ever you wish to travel!