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Welcome to Technohobbies

Volantex Mini F4U EPP 400mm Wingspan 2.4G 6-Axis Gyro One Key Return Aerobatic Indoor RC Airplane Trainer Fixed Wing RTF for Beginner

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Mini F4U Corsair

Volantex Mini F4U EPP 400mm Wingspan 2.4G 6-Axis Gyro One Key Return Aerobatic Indoor RC Airplane Trainer Fixed Wing RTF for Beginner

This is Mini Corsair F4U is a highly recommended 4 Channel RC Plane for all RC Pilots from Beginner to Advanced, as you can choose the skill level of from the Remote Controller itself; Beginner/Intermediate/Expert.  With the Expert Mode-on, the Plane's Auto Stabilization system is fully turned off to test your skills including the loops and aerobatics you would want to perform. For Beginners, it is recommended to start with Beginner Mode and gradually elevate to other skill levels by simply clicking the switch on the remote to enhance and development of skills with flying.  The front propeller comes off as a safety feature to avoid damage to the motor and the prop itself if you hit the ground.  You simply install it back on the the motor within seconds and you are airborne again.

The other amazing aspect of this 400mm wing span plane is, it can handle windy conditions and fly in gentle to moderate winds without any problems!  10-15 minutes of long flying time is another bonus with the supplied 3.7V LiPo battery and an extra battery can be purchased for just $15 from Techno Hobbies.

  • EASY TO CONTROL WITH ONE KEY FUNCTION: Simply press one button and pull the stick to control easily the airplane do aerobatic flying. Xpilot stabilization system ultra stable self stabilization of gyro system.
  • BEGINNERS' FIRST RC AIRPLANE TRAINER: 3-level flight control assists(Beginner level with full assist/ Intermediate with partial assist/ Expert for manual control) help beginners learn to fly step by step.
  • GREAT AIRPLANE FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURE: 2.4Ghz Radio Control distance of 200 (656 ft), the strong anti-interference capability allows to hold a small flight club party between you and your friends.
  • MORE LONGER FLYING, MORE FUN WITH YOU: The gear box system provides more thrust and power to increase speed, and more efficient to save battery's power, allowing the plane to fly a long time about 20 minutes.
  • FULLY ASSEMBLY READY TO FLY: This version includes everything needed to get the model started, only require the batteries for transmitter. It is fully assembly to get the plane take off within 1 minutes out of box. Portable package to go with you everywhere.


Brand: Volantex Exhobby
Length: 318mm
Wingspan: 400mm
Flying weight: 45g
Material: EPP
Motor: 10mm coreless motor 
Speed control: None
Servo: 1.3g  servo*2 (3-CH)
Battery: 3.7v 360mah Li-po
Charger: USB cable
Remote control: 2.4GHz 4CH
Experience level: Beginners
Is Assembly required: No
Flight time: 14mins
Flaps: No

Package includes

1 x F4U 761-8 Corsair 400mm Wingspan RC Airplane 
1 x Remote control
2 x Batteries OR 3 x Batteries(Optional)
2 x Propeller
1 x USB Charger
1 x Package 

Customer Reviews

24/02/2021 USA

My friend got the T-28 and loved it, so I got the F4U Corsair and I love it! They are great fliers. The advance setting however is a bit overly sensitive and hard to control. Best left on intermediate or beginner. It looks so good in the air without the clunky wheels that I decided to leave them off, including the tail wheel. Unless you are flying indoors with a smooth floor, landing and taking off on a road is pretty hard to do. Rather than risk damaging the delicate rods and horns underneath when landing, I custom rigged "fuel tanks" as skids. They protect everything under the plane when landing. I just hand launch for take off. The tanks are just fishing floats from Walmart (pictured are similar, but different shaped floats). Still flys great with no effect on performance!


A little skeptical at the command, I was finally quickly seduced by this small machine. It has a very good look, it is very easy to use. Fly like a charm with the gyro, without gyroscope it is a small soap on the fins! The aerobatic key does its job well and the figures are well executed. Landing is a formality... For hitting a tree with full force at 15m altitude, I didn't have the slightest damage. The propeller ejection system is of real use. Super well - born plane!