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Dynam Piper J3 Cub 1245mm Wingspan - PNP

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Color: yellow

Dynam Piper J3 Cub 1245mm Wingspan - PNP

The Piper J3 Cub from Dynam. This Piper J3 Cub is for flyers of all levels from the beginner, to the expert who wants to do touch and go. Anyone can fly this plane. Great handling even in windy conditions. The J3 Cub has every detail to boast and will impress anyone.

Sig 1/4 J3 Kit 2667mm WS 60/.91-90/1.824C


Perfect for all levels: Beginners, Middle-level users, or Experienced Pilots
RTF: Ready to Fly right out of the box (Everything included and 90% assembled)
Easy to construct with pre-installed electronics (motors, servos and speed controllers)
Beautiful design and great details: Resembles a real plane
Factory-finished with stunning appearances
3D Aerobatic Performance
Construction: Lightweight, strong, and crash resistant
Easy take off: effortlessly depart from the ground or your hand
30 amp Brushless Electronic Speed Control
Strong wing designed for smooth airflow providing exceptional stability, and great ease to control and fly even in wind conditions
Full function 4 Channel compatible transmitter with mixing: Aileron control, Elevator control, Rudder, and Throttle.
Durable pre-colored foam fuselage, wings, and tail
Battery: High Quality Rechargeable 11.1V 2200mah Li-Polymer Battery for 20 minutes flight time (Upgradeable optional battery for even longer flight time).


What is included:

Dynam Piper J3 Cub airplane, motor, ESC, 4*9g servos

What is required:

  • 6-Channel or above transmitter
  • 6-Channel receiver
  • 11.1V 2200mAh Li-Po battery and charger
  • 1 hour assembly time


  • Material: EPO Foam
  • Wing Span: 1245mm(49in)
  • Flying Weight: 1000g
  • Wing Loading: 43.9g/dm²
  • Fuselage Length: 850mm(33in)
  • Center of Gravity: 65 - 70mm from the leading edge at the wing root
  • Motor: BM2815A-KV1100
  • ESC: 30A ESC with 3A BEC
  • Propeller: 2-Blade Prop
  • Servo: 4x 9g
  • Elevator: Yes
  • Rudder: Yes
  • Ailerons: Yes
  • Flaps: No
  • Landing Gear: Fixed