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Welcome to Technohobbies

Dynam Cessna 550 Turbo Jet

Color: Red

Dynam Cessna 550 Turbo Jet

New Arrival!

The Dynam Cessna 550 is a twin engined 64mm ducted fan powered corporate jet which is very scale looking and captures the above wing engine setup and straight wings which are characteristic to the Cessna 550. This model also comes with retractable undercarriage and can be fitted with flaps very easily as the kit comes with all the hardware except for the servos themselves. This Dynam plane is incredibly strong and rigid thanks to it being made out of EPO foam. This plane is fast and looks great especially when doing a head high full throttle pass! Landings and takeoffs are a breeze as this plane has a tricycle gear setup and can also be belly landed on grass without damaging anything as both engines sit above the wings.

This plane is plug and play (PnP) and needs Radio, 11.1V Lipo battery and charger.


Wing span: 1180mm
Length: 1080mm
Flying weight: 1150g
Servos: 4 pcs Micro-servo
Motor: BM2815D-KV3600 X 2pcs
ESC: 2 x 50A Dynam Programable Brushless ESC
Fan: 64mm

Colour: Red & White (White plane shown is the older version) 

What is required

Transmitter : Minimum 4Ch. 2.4GHz
Receiver: 6Ch. 2.4GHz
Battery: 3S 11,1V, 2200MAH, 25C Li-Po

RC Trainer Training Coach Controller Board Common Universal Compatible with Futaba Microzone Flysky FRsky Wfly


The Dynam Turbojet is modeled after the famous Citation II Model 550, which was a direct development from the Citation I. The earlier aircraft's success in the market led the manufacturer to believe there was demand for a larger aircraft that utilized the same design philosophy. The result was the Citation II, which had a maximum seating capacity of 10. In addition to more seats, the plane had more powerful JT15D-4 engines (2,500 lbf (11 kN) thrust per engine), increase of fuel capacity to approximately 5000 lbs, faster speeds and longer range. Dynam's 550 Turbo Jet Twin 64mm EDF PNP is virtually ready to fly!  All you need is a 4 channel radio, 4 channel receiver and 3S 11.1V 2200 mAh Li-Po battery and you're ready to fly this scale business jet! This upgraded version includes electronic retractable landing gear and has cut-outs for optional flaps.


  • Servoless electronic retractable landing gear for scale appearance and more aerodynamic flight
  • Wings include cut-outs and hinge hardware for optional flaps (two 9g servos required) which allow shorter take-offs and slower landings
  • Realistic scale features including attractive 550 Turbo Jet graphics package, simulated de-icing boots and molded panel lines
  • Powerful BM2815D-KV3600X Twin EDF motors and 64mm electronic ducted fan units
  • Made of Smooth, Lightweight EPO Foam, with Lots of Molded-In Surface Details, upgraded w/E-retract
  • Super tough, lightweight Airframe
  • Perfect Appearance and Emulation
  • Ground Take-Off Can Be Performed Easily 
  • Excellent Flight Performance 
  • Stable Inverted Flight 
  • Excellent Stability and Aerobatic Capability 
  • Detailed Body Structure 
  • Suitable for Both Intermediate and Experienced Pilots


  • Wingspan-1180mm / 46in

  • Length-1080mm / 42.51in

  • Flying Weight-1150g / 40.56oz

  • CG (Center of Gravity)-55 - 60mm from the leading edge at the wing root

  • Power System-2x BM2815D-KV3600X EDF Motors

  • Electronic Speed Control-2x 40A Brushless with T connector

  • Propeller / EDF-2x 64mm EDF

  • Servos-4x 9g standard

  • Landing Gear-Servoless E-retracts with wire landing gear

  • Box size: 106 x 36 x 24cm
  • Gross Weight 4.1 kg


1x Airplane

2x KV3300 Brushless Outrunner Motor

4x Servo 9g 

2x 40A Brushless ESC