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Welcome to Technohobbies

Dynam Cessna 550 Turbo Jet

Original price $399.00
Current price $379.00

The Dynam Cessna 550 is a twin engined 64mm ducted fan powered corporate jet which is very scale looking and captures the above wing engine setup and straight wings which are characteristic to the Cessna 550. This model also comes with retractable undercarriage and can be fitted with flaps very easily as the kit comes with all the hardware except for the servos themselves. This Dynam plane is incredibly strong and rigid thanks to it being made out of EPO foam. This plane is fast and looks great especially when doing a head high full throttle pass! Landings and takeoffs are a breeze as this plane has a tricycle gear setup and can also be belly landed on grass without damaging anything as both engines sit above the wings.

This plane is plug and play and needs radio gear, 11.1V Lipo battery and charger.

Wing span: 1180mm
Length: 1080mm
Flying weight: 1150g
Servos: 4 pcs Micro-servo
Transmitter: 4Ch. 2.4GHz
Receiver: 6Ch. 2.4GHz
Battery: 3S 11,1V, 2200MAH, 20C Li-Po
ESC: 2 x 40A Dynam Programable brushless ESC
Fan: 64mm