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Our high-powered high-torque fat-tyre electric Cruisers; The boss of all e-bikes. Not much like this on the Aussie market. High-torque ‘off-road’ fat-tyre power. This e-bike is the closest you will get to an electric Harley. Catch the eye of everyone you cruise past.


Image of an El Jefe Harley

Thunderbike El Jefe • customized Harley-Davidson Heritage FLHCS Softail

Please note additional Shipping Costs Per Bike:

  • NSW/ACT – $50
  • QLD – $100.
  • VIC/NT/SA/TAS – $150.
  • WA – $200.
  • Pickup - Free -from the warehouse in Mascot Sydney NSW. Please Contact us prior to purchasing.


Light Alloy Frame

El Hefe’s frame is made of premium alloy. Whilst it looks big and chunky, use of alloy keeps this e-bike’s frame deceptively light. Our El Diablo’s is more of a speedster if that’s your thing. We designed El Hefe for the cruiser. For people that want to catch eyes. It still packs plenty of punch. Combined with its large and powerful motor, the deceptive lightness of this alloy frame means you’ll still glide up the steepest of hills with ease.

Hefe Frame

High-Powered High-Torque 500W BAFANG Rear Motor

Befang is a leading name in e-bike motor design. Operating for almost 20 years they are well established in the industry. They back this motor with a 1-year warranty. It’s built to last.

Located within the centre of the rear wheel, these motors are compact, light and discreet.  High-power and high-torque is what you need in a bulkier cruiser.

Pedalling the bike will activate the motor, speeding you onwards with intelligent 1:1 pedal assist. If pedalling is not your thing, control your speed with the half-grip throttle. Just like a motorbike ?

Rear Hub 2

Front & Rear TEKTRO Mechanical Disc Brakes

Brakes are a crucial component of any bike. You need to know you’re going to be able to stop safely suddenly.  Especially when you’re motoring along with the high-powered high-torque motor. El Hefe does just that. TEKTRO mechanical disc brakes come fully fitted to the front and rear. Controlled with a pair of 3 finger blade squeeze levers at the handlebars.

Front Disk Brake

Front Break

Rear Disk Brake

Rear Break 2

Integrated Front & Rear Lights

Our competitors don’t include lights with their e-bikes. Ours come fully integrated on the front and rear. Lights are essential to all bikes. Come nightfall you need to be ready to ride safe.

Front Light Hefe

Reflectors underneath the seat and in the wheel spokes provide additional visibility at night.

With El Hefe, there’s no need to spend on aftermarket extras. Everything you need has been thoughtfully included already.

Rear Lights Hefe

ZOOM Suspension Seat Post

This electric-powered bike comes in one-size, fully customisable to suit your height and riding preference. For the true cruiser look, we recommend setting the seat to its lowest height. Suspension at the top of the seat stem adds extra cushioning to your ride.

Zoom Seat Post

Half Grip Throttle

If pedalling is not your thing, then use the half grip throttle to control your speed when using the motor. Requiring just a half twist around the handlebar to reach full output, this throttle it super user-friendly regardless of your riding experience.



We understand you need to keep comfortable in your ride. There’s nothing worse than riding a bike with a hard and uncomfortable seat! That’s why we’ve partnered with Justek for all our bike seats. Hefe’s seat is well-cushioned and will have you cruisin’ in comfort for longer.

SHIMANO 7-Speed Gear Set

Hefe comes fully fitted with a SHIMANO a 7-speed gear set. Cruisin’ up and down the gears feels truly effortless.

Gears Hefe

LCD Display

Hefe Lcd Screen


Fat KENDA Tires

26′ (tall) x 4′ (wide) fat Kenda tyres will catch the eyes of people you cruise by whilst allowing you to explore different terrains with their superior traction profile. Cruise the pavement or get off-road. With serious off-road capability on mud, sand, dirt or grass, these tyres will have you staying on-track.

Fat Tyres

Kedra Tyres

Who’s it for?

This big El Hefe Cruiser is perfect for anyone who simply loves crusin’! A bike that usually looks like this would struggle to climb hills, but the powerful high-powered high-torque rear motor lets you glide up ’em. A super comfy ride with fat-tyres allowing you to explore different terrains.


A design that is thoughtfully done on this electric bike to include everything you need in a great cruiser. Check out what the Hefe has to offer. 

  • Light alloy frame
  • High-powered high-torque BAFANG rear motor
  • Front & rear TEKTRO hydraulic and mechanical disc brake options
  • Integrated front & rear lights
  • Half grip throttle
  • Leather grips
  • JUSTEK saddle
  • SHIMANO 7-speed gear set
  • LCD display
  • Fat KENDA tires (26 x 4 inch)
  • Panasonic Battery
  • Charger included

Battery/Motor/Brake Configuration Options:

  • 48v/14ah Battery (up to 55km+ range) + 500w Motor + Mechanical Brakes
  • 48v/16ah Battery (up to 70km+ range) + 500w Motor + Mechanical Brakes
  • 48v/16ah Battery (up to 70km+ range) + 750w Motor + Hydraulic Brakes

Hefe’s arrive to you locked to a 25km/h speed limit to comply with EN15194 Australian e-bike standards. This allows you to ride your e-bike rego and licence-exempt under Australian law, just like you would a pushbike. You change this setting via the LCD control panel located on your handlebars at any time to unlock unlimited speed. Watch to see exactly how you can unlock El Hefe’s speed for offroad use.