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ARRMA 1/10 OUTCAST 4x4 BLX 4S Brushless RC Stunt Truck RTR - Blue

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ARRMA 1/10 OUTCAST 4x4 BLX 4S Brushless RC Stunt Truck RTR - ARA4410V2T2

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Infusing the legendary ARRMA spirit of resilience and speed, the Outcast transcends mere off-road bashing. Its shorter wheelbase facilitates effortless flips and nimble manoeuvring through challenging obstacles. Built upon the latest iteration of the 4S BLX platform — the affordable balance between agile 3S BLX vehicles and formidable 6S BLX machines — this enhanced outcast is primed for amplified all-road bashing and gravity-defying stunts! It elevates the stunt truck's capabilities, allowing anyone to experience next-level ARRMA handling, performance, and sheer velocity. ARRMA has also fortified the Outcasts 4S-capable Spektrum brushless power system for intensified all-road action. A cool-running Spektrum Firma 120A Smart V2 waterproof ESC with IC5 connectors (EC5 compatible) delivers enhanced punch and an improved driving experience. Steering has been bolstered with a Spektrum S662 metal-geared digital servo featuring an alloy centre case. Its higher torque sharpens the truck's manoeuvring capabilities at high speeds. Every facet of the durable design contributes to unwavering control and responsive handling, empowering you to execute awe-inspiring stunts beyond imagination. Fully ready-to-run, the outcast includes a 3-channel Spektrum SLT3 2.4GHz radio and a dual protocol SR315 receiver. Simply charge your preferred recommended battery and prepare to unleash a barrage of groundbreaking stunts!

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Key Features

Upgraded Servo

The Spektrum S662 digital, waterproof steering servo, equipped with full metal gears and delivering an impressive 17 Kg-cm of torque at 7.4V, effortlessly handles the demands of high-speed, all-terrain bashing. This robust servo also features an industry-standard 25T spline servo horn for compatibility with a wide range of servo savers and horns.

Modular Chassis Design

Distinct, easily detachable chassis modules for the powertrain, electronics, and differential components streamline routine maintenance.

Spektrum V2 Power System

At the heart of the Outcast lies a meticulously engineered brushless power system, featuring an efficient Spektrum Firma 2400Kv brushless motor seamlessly integrated with an upgraded, cool-running Spektrum Firma 120A Smart V2 waterproof ESC. This advanced ESC boasts cutting-edge IC5 connectors, which has compatibility with EC5 connectors as well. Unleashing the beast's true potential, the Outcast can effortlessly reach speeds beyond 88 km/h when equipped with a 4S LiPo battery and an optional pinion gear, available separately.

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Tougher Than Ever

Equipped with a comprehensive array of protective measures, including dirt guards for the wishbones, out-drive protectors, and taller side guards, the Outcast is now better equipped than ever to handle the rigours of high-speed, all-terrain bashing.

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dBoots Back-Flip LP

The rugged dBoots Back-flip LP tyres with their low-profile design and medium-compound foam inserts provide exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. Their aggressive tread pattern boasts impressive grip across a diverse range of terrains, from treacherous off-road tracks to smooth paved surfaces. These tyres are securely mounted on robust 3.8" MT wheels featuring precision-crafted CNC-machined, red anodised 17mm hubs for unwavering performance.

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  • Throughout the vehicle, rubber-shielded bearings meticulously protect against dust and debris, ensuring smooth operation with minimal resistance.
  • Out-drive protectors, taller side guards, and wishbone dirt guards
  • Higher torque Spektrum S662 metal-geared digital servo with alloy case centre
  • New Spektrum Firma 120A V2 Smart ESC to pair with the already fantastic Spektrum 3668 2400Kv Brushless motor

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  • Length: 515mm (20.28in)
  • Width: 450mm (17.72in)
  • Height: 225mm (8.86in)
  • Wheelbase: 450mm (17.72in)
  • Weight: 4.17kg (9.17lbs)
  • Tyre Diameter/Width F/R: W: 75mm (2.95in) D: 156mm (6.14in)
  • Chassis: Monster Truck
  • Drivetrain: 4WD
  • Gears: 12.48:1
  • Suspension: Oil Filled EXB Shock Absorbers
  • Motor: Spektrum Firma 3668 2400Kv Brushless Motor w/ Heatsink & Motor Fan
  • ESC: Spektrum Firma 120A V2 Smart ESC

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Assembly Type: Ready to Run
Max LiPo Power: 4S (14.8v)
Size (Scale): 1/10
Skill Level: Intermediate
Power Source: Electric Brushless
Chassis Type: Truggy
On/Off Road: Off Road
Drivetrain: 4WD
Factory specs
Max LiPo power:
Battery connector:
Front shock oil:
Rear shock oil: 500cSt
Front differential oil: 6,000w
Rear differential oil: 6,000w
Pinion gear: 13T 32dp/0.8Mod
Spur gear: 57T 32dp/0.8Mod
Wheel hex size: 17

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Required items (not included)

  • 3S or 4S LiPo Battery with EC5™ or IC5® connector
  • Compatible Battery Charger

Included items

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ARRMA 1/10 Outcast 4x4 BLX 4S Brushless RC Stunt Truck RTR 1
Spektrum 2.4GHz SLT3 Transmitter 1
AA Transmitter Batteries 4
Product Manual 1