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Welcome to Technohobbies
Welcome to Technohobbies

3.7v 250mAh Upgraded LiPo Battery for Micro helicopters Syma S107 and similar


3.7V 250mAh LiPo Replacement Battery

  • 3.7V rechargeable replacement lithium polymer battery 250mAh for RC Quadcopter, VXi BlueParrott B250-XT wireless bluetooth headset battery, MP3, MP4, Pet GPS,Keychain cam small camera C3,#3,C15/C16/C18/C21/ and more,
  • The Lithium ion battery nominal voltage 3.7V, fully charged 4.2V, 250mAh capacity of battery, Power 0.925Wh ,item model PL502030 or 052030, Built-in battery protection circuit module PMC to prevent overdischarge and short circuit of this battery.
  • Connector Type: 2-Pin jst Pitch 1.25mm; Cable Length: 1.4 inch,
  • Before replacing, please compare with the old battery and check for the correct polarity of the battery. Red wire connection power positive " +" , Black wire connect power negative pole "-". if is a reversed, you need position of interchange wires.

Size: 24.72mm x 16.83mm x 7.44mm with no connectors

1 X $5.95  2 For $9.95  3 for $14.95   4 for $18.95

Image 1 - 3.7V 250mAh Li Polymer Rechargeable Lipo Battery 502030 For Smart Watch GPS Mp3