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Traxxas Rustler 4X4 Brushless BL-2s 1/10 RC Stadium Truck

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Color: Blue

All New Traxxas Rustler 4X4 Brushless BL-2s 1/10 RC Stadium Truck - Coming Soon!


Rustler® 4X4 is the definitive go-to machine for speed, agility, and unstoppable 4WD traction. Beneath the reinforced clipless body, Rustler’s chassis sits low and wide for increased stability and sharp handling. Rustler’s all-new BL-2s™ brushless power system delivers effortless power for all-day fun with an added boost of torque for 4-wheel burnouts and lightning-fast acceleration. Additionally, Rustler 4X4 now comes standard with Traxxas’ Extreme Heavy Duty Upgrade Kit to become the new standard for strength and durability.

Traxxas 1/10 Rustler 4x4 BL-2S Electric Brushless RTR RC Stadium Truck


The Rustler® 4X4 is the ultimate choice when it comes to speed, agility, and unbeatable 4WD traction. Underneath its reinforced clipless body, the Rustler's chassis is positioned low and wide to enhance stability and precise manoeuvreability. The all-new BL-2s™ brushless power system in the Rustler provides effortless power for hours of non-stop enjoyment, along with an extra surge of torque for executing four-wheel burnouts and achieving lightning-fast acceleration. Furthermore, the Rustler 4X4 now includes Traxxas' Extreme Heavy Duty Upgrade Kit as standard, setting a fresh benchmark for durability and strength.

Key Features


The Stampede 4X4’s BL-2s brushless power system ramps up the fun with up to 60% more speed and faster acceleration than comparable brushed power systems. Improved efficiency, high-speed ball bearings, and an internal cooling fan allow the Stampede 4X4 to run battery after battery for all-day fun. With no brushes to wear out, the BL-2s 3300 kV is long-lasting.

Traxxas 1/10 Rustler 4x4 BL-2S Electric Brushless RTR RC Stadium Truck

Extreme Heavy Duty Upgrade Kit

The Stampede pre-installed Extreme Heavy Duty Upgrade Kit replaces key drivetrain and suspension components with beefed-up parts made for ultimate strength and durability. From HD suspension arms to the steel wheel hubs, this is the strongest driveline ever offered in a Stampede.

Clipless Body Mounting

Rustler 4X4 uses a clipless body latching system for secure mounting and fast, one-handed removal and installation. The sleek, aerodynamic body features a rugged internal structure and external rollover protection for long life and Traxxas-ToughTM durability.

Traxxas Rustler® 4X4 BL-2s™ | 4WD Stadium Truck

Upgraded Slipper Clutch

The Stampede's 4x4 Slipper Clutch features larger alloy pressure plates and high temperature aluminium pads for superior power handling. The slipper clutch delivers equal power distribution front to rear for instant throttle response through the drive system and aggressive four wheel drive grip.

Sealed Steel-Gear Differentials

Sealed steel-gear Differentials are ready to handle Brushless power without costly upgrades. Silicone gaskets and X-ring seals allow the differentials to be tuned for specific running conditions by varying the viscosity of the oil inside them. The Stampedes modular chassis design makes differential access quick and easy.

Grey 2.8″ RXT Wheels and Talon EXT Tyres

Rustler’s grey 2.8′ RXT wheels provide ground clearance and a commanding presence. Aggressive Talon EXT tyres dig into dirt and grass for outstanding 4X4 traction. The EXT’s tyre compound provides extra durability on pavement with a unique design that resists “ballooning” at high speeds.

Traxxas 1/10 Rustler 4x4 BL-2S Electric Brushless RTR RC Stadium Truck

Traxxas 1/10 Rustler 4x4 BL-2S Electric Brushless RTR RC Stadium Truck


  • TQ 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • Three Drive Profiles Sport Mode - forward / brake / reverse - Race Mode - forward / brake - Training Mode™ - 50% forward / brake / 50% reverse (patented)
  • Traxxas EZ-Set® one-button setup
  • Traxxas Waterproof High-Torque 2056 Servo
  • Modular Composite Tub Design Chassis
  • Heavy Duty Suspension Arms
  • Oil Filled Steel Gear Front & Rear Differentials
  • 3300 kV Brushless Motor
  • Pre-Installed Extreme Heavy Duty Upgrade Kit
  • Grey 2.8" RXT Wheels & Talon tyres
  • BL-2S Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
  • Clipless Body
    • Tough front and rear bumpers
    • Reinforced inner cage
    • Rugged roof rollover protector
    • Holds tight for intense action
    • Quick and easy removal
  • Extreme Heavy Duty Upgrade Kit Installed
    • Strengthened C-hubs, axle carriers, and steering blocks
    • Extreme heavy duty driveshafts
      • Oversize diameter
      • 6mm axles
      • Steel wheel hexes
  • TQ™ 2.4GHz Transmitter
    • Full-size 2-channel transmitter
    • All-day comfort with precise long-range control
  • BL-2s™ Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
    • Heat sink accepts accessory cooling fan (#3340)
    • Three Programmable Drive Profiles
      • Sport Mode - Forward / Brake / Reverse
      • Race Mode - Forward / Brake
      • Training Mode™ - 50% Forward / Brake / 50% Reverse (patented)
    • Traxxas EZ-Set® one-button setup
    • Built-in two-stage low-voltage detection for LiPo batteries
    • NiMH battery packs: 6-7 cells (7.2 to 8.4 volts)
    • LiPo battery packs: 2 cells (7.4 volts)
  • 3300 kV Brushless Motor
    • Integrated cooling fan
    • Low-maintenance design
    • Efficient ball bearings
    • 3300 kV
  • Steering
    • Chassis-mounted 2056 servo
    • Dual bellcrank design with integrated servo saver
  • Chassis
    • Modular composite tub design
    • Secure battery hold-down latch
    • Low-CG design
    • High-angle bumpers
  • Suspension
    • Heavy duty suspension arms
    • Oil-filled Ultra Shocks
    • White powder-coated springs
  • Drivetrain
    • Full-time shaft-driven 4-wheel drive
    • Oil-filled steel gear front and rear differentials
    • Large 32-pitch spur gear
  • Wheels and Tyres
    • 2.8″ gray RXT wheels
    • All-terrain Talon™ EXT tires
  • Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Hex hardware with Rust-Resistant Black Oxide Coating

Traxxas 1/10 Rustler 4x4 BL-2S Electric Brushless RTR RC Stadium Truck


  • Rustler 4X4 with BL-2s ESC and 3300 kV motor
  • Quick Start Guide
  • TQ™ 2.4 GHz radio system
  • High quality maintenance tools

Traxxas 1/10 Rustler 4x4 BL-2S Electric Brushless RTR RC Stadium Truck


  • Length: 457mm (18 in)
  • Width: 329mm (12.94 in)
  • Height: 161mm (6.35 in)
  • Wheelbase: 295mm (11.6 in)
  • Weight: 2.33kg (5.13 lbs)
  • Chassis: Truggy
  • Drivetrain: 4WD
  • Motor: (Electric) BL-2S 3300kV Sensorless Brushless Motor
  • Drive Ratio: 12.81:1
Assembly Type: Ready to Run
Max LiPo Power: 2S (7.4v)
Size (Scale): 1/10
Skill Level: Beginner
Power Source: Electric Brushed
Chassis Type: Truggy
On/Off Road: Off Road
Drivetrain: 4WD
Factory specs
Max LiPo power: 2S (7.4v)
Battery connector: Traxxas iD
Wheel hex size: 12


Required items (not included)

  • Compatible 2S LiPo 
  • Rustler 4X4 requires a single LiPo battery.
  • Charger - Traxxas EZ-Peak Live charger (2971) is recommended for easy and fast charging performance.
  • AA Alkaline Batteries - 4 x AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter.

Traxxas 1/10 Rustler 4x4 BL-2S Electric Brushless RTR RC Stadium Truck